10 Trends That Will Shape the Event Industry in 2019

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Businesses have shared an intimate relationship with the event industry and will continue to do that in 2019. It won’t be wrong to expect the innovation in technology to continue to rule the event industry, with organizers’ interest in wooing the attendees by offering wondrous experiences and value for time and money. Eventmanagerblog has published a list of 100 trends for 2019, and we’ve brought together their top 10 trends that will make headlines in 2019.


Technology, like the previous year, will have an upper hand in steering the event industry.

1.Facial Recognition: We’ve often asked event organisers about their most painful time during the event, and the most common answer we’ve received is – ‘registration desk on day 1’. We understand that nobody is willing to stand at the registration desk with a form and a photograph in their hands anymore. Facial recognition is going to be a clear winner this year with more integration of the software making the registration process convenient.

2. Data Security and Collection: As an event organiser, you will be required to pay extra attention to protect any personal information that will be recorded in the events. EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a step in this direction and will be the backbone of data protection and its judicial use in 2019.

A relatively new term clever flooring is doing rounds these days. It implies the use of smart mats to trace footfall of the event or otherwise use wearable gadgets, for example, a wrist-band, to track the number of attendees and other important data that can be interpreted into meaningful insights. The same can be put in use to seek sponsorships, create better user experience or organizing grander events.

3. Add Chatbots with Personality: Chatbots have been in use for quite a while now but we think they will be polished and put to better use. According to reports by Research And Markets, the US smart speaker market is growing at a CAGR of 21% by 2023. This means that there is a higher chance of your attendees already using Amazon Alexa/ Google Home or any other smart speaker/ voice assistant during your event. We will see chatbots with audio functionality which will act as personal assistants to attendees, reminding them of meetings or any important booth they must be attending during the event.


Millennial vibe has finally kicked in during 2018 with focus on holistic experience, clean eating, living, and mindfulness.

4.Mindfulness: Health and fitness experts are on a rise since 2018. With applications like Calm and Headspace, the event industry in 2019 will see a rise in sessions focused on mindfulness. We are expecting more event organisers to organize digital detox sessions for the attendees. There will be a rise in free massage chairs outside seminar halls and in common areas for people to relax. There will be more mental health seminars/discussions in the event along with therapy sessions.  

5. CSR Impact and Sustainability: The events of 2019 will focus on reduced carbon footprint, less food wastage and no use of plastic.A good way to promote an eco-friendly event is to let your attendees know about it. Inform them what can they expect in terms of food, less wastage etc.  Businesses are more aware of giving back to society than ever. And we are expecting more events to head in the same direction.

Increasing number of events will have some NGOs connected with them keeping in mind the nature of the event and sponsors. It will be a great way to engage the attendees and sponsors to find meaning to the event beyond its sole purpose. It will also give a higher chance of the same sponsors supporting the event next year, and garner good PR. United Nation’s 17 SDC (Sustainable Development Goals) are pushing the envelope for everyone. This will witness a focus on sustainability.


As per reports by statista, the worldwide revenue of the event organizing industry is estimated to be 30.3 billion USD. This means that events are going to get bigger and grander with higher participation from across the globe. The event organizing industry is taking a 360-degree shift and moving its focus to the whole event experience.

6. Focus on Bleisure: Stories are a sure shot way to ensure higher engagement- be it schools, workspaces, museums, or events and conferences. Event organisers will choose venues with a historical association or simply connected with the nature of the event. Attendees not only pay for attending the event but they are looking for a fuller experience. The event industry will see a shift in the venues which will move from event grounds to city libraries, offbeat resorts etc. Give your attendees an experience of the local culture, design the menu based on local produce, tell them about the history of the city/town your event is being held at. For example, if your event is focused around shipping business, a good idea would be to host it on a boat/ship or maybe a dockyard.

7. Networking is Crucial: Events are meant to network with like-minded people, and share insights. Event networking apps will keep on modifying its features to give a better experience. Check out our detailed blog enlisting the best features you should have in your event networking app.

8. App Interpreter: Events are a gateway for a global community to address common issues and find solutions, However, communication often becomes a barrier. The events of 2019 will see high usage of technology-based translators that will translate multiple languages and break the communication barrier. Another alternative would be to employ subject matter experts based on the most common language spoken by the attendees and hosts.


According to reports by Bizzabo, 50% of the companies set aside 20% of their annual marketing budget to be spent over events. This means that companies will invest more time and money in different events since it gives an opportunity to interact with allies and customers under one roof, thus, giving immense opportunity to improve and expand market hold.

9. Pricing Models: With the increasing participation of people in events, as an event organiser, you need to be more creative in providing value for every dime spent by attendees and sponsors. 2019 will see innovation in VVIP treatments. Airport and hotel pickups are stale, try offering a pampering session between meetings, or exclusive entry to private meetings for high priced tickets. We are expecting more goodie bags, access to exclusive lounges, a sneak peek into city’s culture etc.

10. Drip Marketing: This concept is a new form of marketing which promotes and shares information with the potential client in small proportions. This gives them ample time to get invested in the event. In 2019, event organisers will build a story and divide content into a series of emails, small videos, making judicial use of augmented reality tech, and virtual reality devices.


This year, the event industry will focus on giving a more personal experience to the attendees and sponsors. Creating emotions and personalized experiences using technology will take the front seat for everyone. More and more millennials will be a part of the events which means that there will be variation in the pricing strategies- organizers will not only sell events but the city/ country they will take place in. People don’t look for discounts anymore, instead, they pay for experiences.  Bleisure will be promoted with value-added services. Personal touch and face to face meetings at the events will hold their ground stronger than before and event networking apps will make it more engaging.

Plan your event keeping in mind these well researched curated trends and let your event be a HERO!