3 Ways to promote your event on Facebook!

Akash KumarEvent Promotion

1. Create an event page on Facebook:
The best way to create a buzz about your upcoming event is by using the ‘Create an Event’ feature on Facebook to create an event page for your event. Apart from listing all your event details in one place – including location, venue, and timings – you can also use your event page as a discussion-cum-notice board to interact with your attendees. Want to notify people when the tickets go on sale? Just post a message on your event page open for everyone, instead of manually sending out texts. This also means that attendees can get to know, and talk to each other about things related to the event on the page. For example: People can find ways to travel together to the event venue, or they can give their tickets away to someone willing in case they’re not able to make it.

Creating an event on Facebook also helps you promote the event. When someone RSVPs at your event page, their friends are notified about your event. This way, you’re reaching out to new people through existing attendees.creating an event page on facebook

2. Sell tickets directly from your Facebook page:
Managing offline ticketing and registrations for your event is not only time-consuming, but also demands more resources and manpower. Selling tickets online is not only convenient for you, but also for your potential attendees – where they can simply book their tickets with just one-click, and without the hassle of a in-person cash transaction.

What’s even better? Selling tickets right from your Facebook page, instead of re-directing your customers to other landing pages, thereby reducing the number of steps they have to take in order to book a ticket. How, you ask?
Simply post your event on Townscript, and we’d help you set up the ticketing-widget for your Facebook page.

creating a buy tickets option on your facebook page

3. Make use of Facebook Advertising:
If you’re looking to get the word out about your event real quick, and have some cash to spare on the side, you should consider investing in one of the various paid marketing Ad services by Facebook. Facebook Ad Manager and Power Editor let you target people relevant to your business based on their location, and interests. You can also upload an existing database of users that you have to narrow down your target audience. Advanced options in Facebook Ad Manager also let you add a Call-To-Action like ‘Book now’ or ‘Learn more’ to your Ad, that links to your event page. You can choose the duration of the ad, and get valuable analytics like cost per click, number of clicks, number of people reached, engagement rate, etc.

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If you’re interested in creating and running a Facebook Ad for your event, but don’t have the time and resources to manage the same – get in touch with us at service@townscript.com! As an event organizer, we understand you have more important things to take care of, so leave the rest to us.