5 Event promotion mistakes that you’re making right now!

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planning and making lists for event promotion
  1. You have unrealistic goals: Outline specific objectives before you start selling tickets, or even promoting your event. How many ticket sales and event registrations are you looking at? What channels will you be using to promote your event and drive sales? How much time, money and resources will you be investing in each of these channels? What time frame do you have in mind – how soon do you plan on implementing your event promotion strategy? These are important questions that you need to have answers to, so that you can have aspirational yet achievable goals to meet. This brings us to to our second point –
    hourglass time
  2. You wait till the last minute to start event promotion: You will not sell-out all tickets in a day, if people don’t even know about your event. If you wait till a week before the actual day of the event to start getting the word out, you will be thoroughly disappointed with the outcome. People need time to plan their schedule around an event they wish to attend, in which case they will simply not pencil in yours at the eleventh hour.

    Start your promotions early. For small scale events – you shouldbe looking at at least a month before the event is supposed to take place. Mid to large scale events, specially workshops and conferences can take anywhere between 3-5 months to get people talking. Another thing to consider is that if you’re relying on Media PR, then you’d have to notify the concerned authority with your plan several weeks in advance.

  3. You don’t track your numbers: You need to consistently keep an eye on the outcome of every event promotional activity that you’re carrying out. Whether it is emails, social media, on-ground, or any other mode of marketing – make sure you’re analyzing basics like:
    – what channel is getting you maximum traffic/conversions.
    – what kind of audience are you attracting (location, gender, age-group).
    – what kind of ads are getting you the most clicks.
    – what landing pages are getting the most traffic, and what elements on the page are people are engaging with.
    – what your traffic versus conversion ratio is.
    Creating a detailed event marketing and promotional strategy is a good way to get started, but you have to make sure your efforts are paying off. Strike out things that are not working, and improve on the ones that are. Google Analytics is a great tool to actively monitor your numbers, and track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
    tracking your numbers online in google analytics on your laptop
  4. You don’t care about SEO:  While paid marketing can give you the initial visibility boost, and help you create a “buzz” for your event – all in a short period of time, it’s important to understand that nothing beats direct organic traffic. Imagine the kind of traffic you will get, if your event starts appearing on the first page of Google whenever people search for things relevant to you or your event. This can be made possible by optimizing your event page for SEO. Start by using Google Analytics or WebEngage to check how much organic traffic are your getting on a  regular basis, and determine what keywords are people using to get to your event page. pexels-photo-219003
  5. You only invest in one promotion-channel: Simply creating an event page on Facebook, or a landing page is not going to cut it when it comes to promoting your event. A good marketing strategy makes use of different channels and medium to reach out to the target audience. You have to not only balance between paid and organic marketing, but also combine email, social media – primarily Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and offline channels to get maximum conversion. There are multiple event-listing websites available on the internet that you can make use of, by narrowing them down to your locality. If you’re looking for event listing, registration, and ticketing – all at one place, then post your event on Townscript.

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