5 Hacks To Sell Your Event Tickets Better

Akriti AroraEvent Management, Event Planning, Event Promotion

Trying to figure out the best way to sell more of your event tickets? We know how scary it can be to get your event sales right. One way to get your sales right is to prioritise your efforts.

Start off by asking yourself certain questions. Who is your target audience? Are you reaching your target audience? What is your Sales pitch? Is your event intriguing enough? What are the event industry trends for this year?

Once you’ve got the answers to these questions, we’ve got 5 hacks for you to sell your event tickets better. We follow the ‘What-How’ approach. For the hacks, we try to ask what needs to be done and how can you do it.


1. Reaching the Right Target Audience   

Imagine that you have access to all the wealth, knowledge, and disposable resources to pull off a successful event. But what if you don’t know who is the right audience to cater to? Audience/ market research is one of the most overlooked aspects of any industry. Therefore, once you’ve identified the right audience, it is important to understand – what is their buying behaviour; and how can you reach them. 

  • What: Read relevant blogs to understand who is the right audience for your event. Tap into the already available information. Look for the events in your archive folder, and study social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This will help you understand what is the buying behaviour of your target audience.
  • How: Try the 333 approach. Make a contact with your prospect 3 times. You can opt for a social media channel or email or phone call. By the end of the 3rd communication, the customer should be won. Try the same approach after a month if you couldn’t sell enough event tickets. This approach has been successful for many organisers and is a good starting point.
2. Get Social Media Influencers On Board

The event industry is faced with real challenges. Unlike FMCG or other consumables, you can’t rely on traditional media to do the sales for you. Therefore, the mantra to successfully sell your event tickets is “play smart“. 

Your event is a hit only if you can reach out to masses. In this time and age of the internet, social media is one big jackpot that can boost up your sales. Social Media Influencers are people who produce one type of content and people love to follow what they have to say. Consequently, it is important to understand what you need to do to boost your sales of event tickets using social media; and how can you achieve it.

  • What: All you need to do is to find an influencer who can work like your brand manager. Someone who relates to what your event has to offer. It can be a marathon, a business conference or may be an event for school kids. According to a Sparkler study by Spark Inc, 31% of the respondents agreed that social media influencers and celebrities they follow have influence over their purchase decisions.
  • How: The easy way to achieve your sales via this method is to provide a promotion code to the influencer. The influencers can post the code on their social media. They can also post a brief description about your event and why their followers should attend it.
3. Emotional Sales

How many times do we walk in a store and buy things that we already have? There are high chances that many of our purchasing is done this way. Neil Patel is a renowned marketer and he says that ‘ All human behaviour, at its root, is driven by the need to avoid pain and the desire to gain pleasure. Even when we do something that appears to be painful, we do it because we associate pleasure with the action’

Therefore, it becomes important to focus on building relationships. This will induce higher sales. Since you’ve already identified prospects in point 1, it is important to know what should you be asking your prospects; and how should you build a long-term relationship with them. Building this relationship will help you to get repeat sales.

  • What: Before asking your prospect to make a buy, you should talk to them. Try to understand their general habits, how their lifestyle and motto of life relates to your event.
  • How:  Gain in-depth knowledge that will help you to establish a better conversation. This will help you to align your offering with your prospects’ expectations. This way buying a ticket won’t be an add on for them. It will just be an investment in themselves. As a result, this will build a long-term relationship valued equally by both the parties.
4. Polish Your Content

In the heat of generating sales and adding up to the targets, content is often ignored. As a result, a drop in sales or a slower sales process in the event industry means that the message to your audience is unclear. Therefore, dedicate a resource who takes ownership of all your event content. He/she should define your content and communication strategy. The sales team should then focus on selling your event tickets with the same content.

  • What: There are three types of content- Owned content, Paid Content, and Earned content. You can control the first two, and the third one is an outcome of what you spill out in the first two. Ensure that your marketing and sales teams align well. Your owned content is the one that you put on your website, emailers, blogs, etc. Paid content is what you receive from advertisements, pay per click models, social media influencers etc. Your earned content will automatically gather the same tone.
  • How: To make your event seamless, you need to put out the right story to your audience. It must sound cohesive and should sound like it is coming from one source only. Moreover, a better synching and polished content gives confidence to your prospects to make an informed purchase.
5. Sell the Experience, Not the Event

Attending an event is not just about marking attendance, doing the act, and returning home. For an attendee, it is more about the experience and learnings. This experience helps the attendees to decide if they are willing to participate next year. If your ticketing strategy is answer to all these questions, you are on the right path.

  • What: Generate a sense of belongingness by creating content that relates to your target audience.
  • How: Focus on giving a better overall experience to improve audience engagement. Design your event in a unique way and adapt the ideology of drip marketing. This generates curiosity and interest among the prospects to know more what your event is going to offer. Also, it will give them ample time to make a purchase based on what they have seen or experience in your stories (drip marketing).

Sell event tickets to your prospects that fear that they will miss a great chance if they didn’t attend the event. Let them come to you for once. Most importantly, this way you’ll stop being the chaser and become a constant instead. Let your audience chase you.


Selling your event tickets is important but it is equally important to sell it to the right people, at the right time, and at the right value. For instance, offer group discounts, and other promotional incentives like early bird offers to your prospects. Also, ensure that your content conveys similar message on all channels to sell your event tickets better. In addition, make use of technology to generate better sales. In conclusion, prioritise your efforts and focus on what works the best for your event.