5 Tips to Keep Your Attendees Buzzing About Your Event on Social Media

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So, you have organized what you think will become the event of the century? Everything is in place and all you need is for guests to enjoy and later spread the word about it. You can already foresee your big break in event management coming through and you can’t help but get excited. 

Are Your Really Ready?

The question is; are you really ready to go to the next level? If you have not incorporated social media into your event’s plans, you are in for a non-starter event. Why concentrate in social media? Just look at any event and count how many people are on their smartphones and tablets. 

The numbers simply reveal the power of social media in today’s marketing. A study published on the Huffington Post conducted by Pew Research Centre shows 40% of Facebook users are on mobile, 74% of adults online are using social media sites and 19% of adult internet users are on Twitter. 

5 Tips on Capitalising on Social Media for Your Event 

Now that you appreciate why all guests at your event is on their gadgets, it is time to get in on the fun and let everyone know about your event management genius. Here are five ways of doing it:

Keep it Live and Real-time

 When the conversation about the event starts, you need to be in control. After getting a few pointers of what guests are saying, it is time to keep the conversation going. You have to be consistent and your personality must ooze confidence such that people want to get feedback from you. This personal touch is a classic way of connecting with people on social media.

Visualise that Hashtag

Now that every event has a hashtag, you have to make your event stands out by sharing visuals of the event using the event’s hashtag. It is crucial to stream live visuals of the events as it goes down. For this, you need a credible team that appreciates the power of hashtags in modern communication and use tools like Eventifier, SnapCastr for it.

Egg Them On

You need to let the attendees appreciate the contribution they are making without sounding desperate. Tell them to keep sharing about what touches them in the event as it continues and after. For this to happen you can use analytical tools to show them how big their simple tweets and retweets are influencing media interest in the event. Mentioning a few of the best contributors will motivate more to follow suit.

Make your Hashtag Visible During an Event 

One of the greatest blunders in event planning and managementis making assumptions. Just because most of the attendees are technology savvy, doesn’t mean everyone knows your hashtag. This is where a blend between old school and new media. On your banners and other visuals around the event venue, make sure you have printed the hashtag lest anyone forgets. 

Keep them Going 

This is an ingenious way of making sure they never run out of juice. Provide charging ports and place drinks nearby to draw them towards the location. They will definitely recharge their devices and get back to sharing. 

Someone said social media is word-of-mouth on steroids. This means everyone who needs to know will be in the know within no time and with negligible cost on your part. Who said event management is hectic? The right word is exciting. Go on and create some event buzz today. 

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