It is time, we break these 7 misconceptions about Event Management

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Not long ago, the event management industry was non-existent. However, in past few years, the industry is creating a quite a stir.

The young brigade is loving the industry, and even taking it up as their ultimate career choice. Please read our blog on “Top 4 event management courses in India

However, the challenge lies with the older generation. They are still to come to terms with this budding industry that promises a world of scope and opportunities.

Also, the industry is a much-needed service for the fast-paced lives of the working-class tribe. People, who believe in working hard and partying harder!

Therefore, to clear the air we are bringing upon the table 7 most popular misconceptions about event management.


1) Arranging an event is all fun

There is a lot of hard work goes around arranging an event. There tons and tons of checklists and guest lists that are too be managed. It is a highly responsible job.

A poor show done by the event management company can lead to the ultimate death of that company. The industry runs more on recommendations and word-of-mouth publicity and therefore, it is inevitable for the event managers to ensure that every show is a blockbuster.

Apparently, that requires a lot of research, toil, and execution. Where is the time and energy for fun remaining then?


2) Event management is glamorous

Event Management is glamorous

Yes, they need to be presentable! It is a part of the job. Just a part and it ends there.

There is a lot of sourcing and networking that event managers require doing with all kinds of people ranging from wholesalers in the local markets to people selling second-hand branded stuff. That is certainly not glamorous.

Event managers deal with them and negotiate with them on a daily basis. Economical sourcing, in fact, is the soul of efficient management.


3) Event managers make the event costly

Simply wrong! As a matter of fact, event managers are the magicians who will arrange a five-star event for you in a budget of a three-star event.

Event managers will always begin with asking about your budget and they will start from there; while ensuring, everything fits right in the budget.

That is their profession and not to bore a hole in your pocket. A good event manager will propose suggestions that are economical and just right.


4) You do not need an event manager

Organizing an event is a lot of work. Right from arranging venue to the menu to takeaways, invitations, and everything else.

If you are a working professional then there is a time crunch. If you are self-employed or somehow do have time in your hand, you might face idea crunch.

Event managers are professionals, who can rescue you in both the cases, so go grab one of them if you are planning anything sooner.


5) Event management is all about the D-day

There is a lot of planning, shortlisting, selecting, and implementing goes behind the scene for days to get that perfect result.

The D-day is the day of final presentation, and indeed it is important. However, it comes up to be flawless and hassle-free only after putting days of hard work and supervision through it.


6) Event management does not require any skill or training

Event management

Try hiring anyone walking by your side to arrange your event or party and you will for sure know it.

Event management is a profession that is taught in some of the top universities in India. With that said, you definitely have pre-requisites for admission and you will have to write tests to make through the course.

Nonetheless, if you want to make a name in any field you ought to have a passion for that industry and the right attitude and aptitude to stand as the winner.


7) Event management is needed only for big events

Events where the attendees might count in thousands or hundreds definitely require professional help.

However, if you want to make your private party a memorable one or you want your event to turn super popular and within the budget; start with hiring a good event manager. You will know the difference.

Event management is not a fad, but a service industry that is finally receiving its due recognition.


Final Takeaway

Just like other popular service industries, event management is soon going to be one of the most sought-after business. People who are looking to arrange events that are creative and well-arranged would certainly want to hire professional help. It is undoubtedly a sunrise industry.