7 Ways + Tools to Engage your Attendees During Event in India

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tools to engage your attendees Event Hashtag

Being an Event Ticketing Company, we keep visiting all kinds of events in India and are always in awe with the new technologies that are being used to increase engagement at the Event.

Out of many awesome tools and technologies that we came across, here, we are recommending these 7 tools to engage your attendees during Event:

1. FREE Wi-Fi:

tools to engage your attendees Free Wifi

This one is a no brainer. To engage your audience live, you have to provide them with Free Wi-Fi. Make sure your attendees have access to internet at your event so that they can engage with the buzz going on about your event online. 

2. #OfficialEventHashtag :

Your official Event Hashtag is useful in many ways. Among many things that you can do with hashtag, the best is the ease of curating mentions about your event on social media platforms, mainly twitter.  Make sure your event hashtag is easy for your attendees to relate, remember and type.

Display live tweets on a Screen at the event to encourage people tweeting about the happenings at your event. You can also use Eventifier to show track of all the mentions of your event and project it to a screen.

3. Instagram:

tools to engage your attendees Instagram
Create your official hashtag and encourage attendees to upload their pictures from the event using the hashtag. Curate all those pictures by searching for the hashtag and project it live to a screen. Seeing their pictures live will attract your attendees to do more of it.

4. Live stream:



If you don’t want to live stream the whole of your event but you think some content of your event is going to be useful for a niche audience, consider streaming that part live for those who can’t be there at the event.

You can use Meerkat, Periscope or even Google Hangouts as solution for live streaming.

5. Gamification and Facebook Live Polls:

tools to engage your attendees Facebook Polls


Keep your attendees engaged and excited by asking them questions in polls and offer them an incentive/reward on the spot at the event so that their engagement is encouraged. Gamification is always a fun way to make your corporate events more interesting and lively.

You can create polls on your Event Page on Facebook so that those attending will get notifications, and you can announce the reward then and there.

6. Live QnA with speakers

tools to engage your attendees Slido

If you have a speaker at your event, consider including a live Question and Answer session after he speaks to engage your attendees. This makes your event more interactive and happy attendees are retained.

With apps like Sli.do , you can crowd source QnA between Audience and Speakers. Using this app, anyone in the audience can ask a question and vote for the best questions.

7. Live Experience


tools to engage your attendees live technology

Provide a new trending technology experience at your event. For example: Virtual Reality, 360 Degrees camera recorder, etc. These live experiences will surely enthrall your attendees and they will remember your event even after it is over.

You can also be creative with a live photo booth backdrop for people to click their pictures and share with the official hashtag.

Engaging your attendees during the event and making your event interesting is one of the best ways you can retain them for your next event. Be creative with engagement ideas, it affects the success of your event on a greater level.

We hope the article was useful for you. If there is any tool that you think will make your event interesting, please share with us in the comment below and let us know. We love technologies that make events simple and interesting. 🙂

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  1. Akash Jhalani

    Great insights! I think the ‘Live Experience’ is a winner and becomes an eye-catcher at events

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