A New Way to Manage Registrations for Recurring Events & Activities on Townscript

Akriti AroraAnnouncements

We are excited to announce that you can now register and sell tickets for your recurring events and activities on Townscript. Be it a music class or theatre, we’ve got you covered for all types of events in 27+ countries and in over 100+ currencies!

We are leaving no stone unturned to host not only one time events such as marathons, concerts, comicons etc. but also recurring events such as training workshops, treks, cooking classes, comedy shows, theatres etc. In our endeavour to help you provide the best event registration and ticketing experience, we are constantly upgrading our platform. Having hosted 82,000+ events and more than 19,000 organisers, Townscript is now used worldwide specifically in countries like India, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai and US.

Selling Recurring Events on Townscript in 3 Simple Steps

Your recurring event or activity will now be ready to sell in just 3 intuitive steps:

Step 1: Once you’ve signed in or logged in to Townscript website, click on the “+” sign to add information of your own recurring event, all you’ve to do is de-select “This is not a repeating event”.

Step 2: Choose how often you want the event to be repeated such as daily, weekly etc. Townscript offers the flexibility of entering exceptions such as “event repeats every alternate week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday” (as shown in the image below) . Additionally, you can state different time slots on a particular day. Hence, the platform offers complete customisation with regard to the particulars of your event.


Step 3: Add details of your event including venue, description, type and specifications of the tickets. And your event is live!

Once you’ve listed your event, the attendees will be able to view the event with multiple time slots and dates that you offer your activity on. For example, if a camping event named as Pawna Camping takes place everyday for INR 1000 per day, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, it will appear to attendees as follows:

Managing data: You also get the option of embedding a widget on your website to smoothly enable registrations and sell tickets for your event through your website instead of being redirected to Townscript. In any case, you will be able to view all the information related to the attendees on your dashboard, both on web and in the app, as soon as anyone registers and buys the ticket. In fact, you can use Townscript event manager app to check-in attendees at the event.

Organizers that can Benefit from the Recurring Events Feature

The most suitable use case that can benefit from Townscript’s latest feature is any recurring event i.e. any event with a fixed venue or an online venue that takes place on different dates and time slots. Some of the best use cases for such events include:

1. Trekking & Camping:

Case: There has been a shift in how people now prefer experience-driven travel more than the conventional travel that involved visiting iconic sites. As the demand for such experiences has increased, the best way for you to reach wider audience is to list your trekking and camping event on Townscript and help people plan their holidays in advance!

Example: If you organise treks for 6 months in a year, and a trek experience lasts for 2 days, you can use Townscript’s recurring events feature to first choose the starting date and ending date for the six month period, then add the occurrence of the event stating that it ends on the second day, and finally choose your timing slots.

Benefits: You will not only give attendees a chance to build a community by meeting like-minded people through our platform but also help them develop a loyalty towards you because of the seamless experience they’ll have during booking.

2. Workshops & Trainings:

Case: Whatever the nature of your workshop – cake making, gift wrapping, cocktail making, skill development, language classes, pottery, gym training, training for employees etc., as long as it occurs regularly in the interest of demand, you can list your workshop on Townscript along with the exact particulars of when and how frequently it occurs.

Example: If you host cooking classes that involve every attendee to attend 6 sessions spread over a period of two months, you can use our recurring events feature specifying the exact days when the event will take place. If these sessions repeat every two months, you can use the same feature by mentioning different start dates for the sessions you’ve planned.

Benefits: You don’t have to go through the hassle of filling the same information every time before the event takes place but just need to fill all the particulars once. 

3. Amusement Parks & Venue-based Events:

Case: Amusement, theme parks and other venue based events such as art galleries, museums, mystery rooms, escapology etc. issue tickets and passes on a daily basis.

Example: You issue two types of daily passes for your amusement park – adult and child and want to sell these passes every day for the six months in a year that you remain operational. You can use townscript to list your daily  timings and also specify different types of tickets with different prices.

Benefits: This will help you avoid long queues on your physical counters. For you, this also translates to an increased number of visitors and better planning as you can see the list of attendees in real-time.

4. Theatres & Other Shows:

Case: Various reports have highlighted that the number of people attending a theatre and shows such as stand-up comedy, poetry etc. has increased in the last decade globally.

Example: If you have your shows planned at one venue on 4 days a week at different time slots, you can use Townscript’s recurring event feature to state all these specifications and thus, provide a seamless experience to attendees in booking their tickets.

Benefits: Townscript helps you to not just list a one time show at a venue but multiple shows with different time slots and helps provide the details of the shows all at one place.

In addition to using Townscript for registering and selling tickets for your recurring events and activities, you can make the most of your experience by managing and analysing data of attendees. You can expand your reach through Townscript’s existing user base that might be interested in your event, and benefit from the promotional activities that Townscript has to offer. For instance, Townscript can send an email on your behalf to the list of attendees reminding them of the event and sharing event details. All in all, Townscript offers you a one-stop platform for meeting the event registration and ticketing requirements of your recurring events through its highly customisable platform.