How easy it is to accept payments “online” for your courses, workshops, treks & other events?

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Accept payments online for events via Townscript

Indian economy is on its way to becoming a cashless economy. The current government has taken a big step to remove 500 & 1000 rupees notes from the economy and it has been working aggressively to remove black money from the economy.

It’s time for us to realise that accepting money online is the way forward if we as a country have to grow.

Townscript is an initiative to help small scale entrepreneurs who host workshops, treks & trips or any kind of a small scale event to accept money online hassle free.

It’s a self serve event registration platform which gives you full control of your sales. You will have to link your bank account with the system. We have the fastest money clearance process and you will start receiving money in your bank account quickly.

Why should you start using an online registration platform like Townscript to accept payments and registrations online ?

Instant Setup of your registration page :

It’s very simple to create a registration page for your event on Townscript and you can instantly start accepting payments.

No need to wait for the money to come in your account :

You can accept payments from your attendees much prior to your event. If you accept money via cash you will have to wait till the event day for them to pay.

Get prior confirmations for your event

You can share the link with your participants and ask them to pay you online if they are interested. It also gives you an idea of how many people are going to turn up for your event.

Remove the hassle of managing cash and paper forms

Accepting payments via an online registration platform removes the pain of accepting offline forms. As all of the attendees details are captured by the platform itself which you can download in the form of attendee list.

Promote your event online with a link

Millions of Indians are now online on platforms like whatsapp, facebook, twitter. You can share promote the link easily among these channels by sharing your event registration link.

Below are some use cases and testimonials

Few of the interesting use cases of Townscript have been :

Mr Sampath Iyengar of The Indian Networker Meetup says

Earlier my office boy used to go and collect money via cash from potential attendees. It used to be a big pain and also lesser people turned out for the event. By using Townscript, I can promote my event on social media, via mailers and also Townscript helps me in promoting my event and charges only a nominal fee per ticket.

Abhay Gupta an alumnus of Little Flower School, Jamshedpur says

We were planning to organise a meetup of our batch from last 3-4 years but didn’t know how to go about it. Recently, I planned to create an event on Townscript and pasted the event link on our school whatsapp group and could collect more than INR 2-3 lakhs for the event within few days. More than 60 alumni registered for the event. It’s amazing!

Chetana Mishra – Founder of Mompreneurs India says

I have been working hard to promote entrepreneurship among Indian women. I host lot of quality events & workshops to help mothers become entrepreneurs. Townscript has been really helpful for me in managing my events’ registrations

Conclusion :

India is becoming cashless and it’s the right to start embracing new technologies and tools which help you manage payments online.

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