Brands Sponsoring Music Events in India

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With the millenials trend shooting up exorbitantly in India, a new set of buyer behaviour has emerged as a repercussion. Brands now try to associate themselves in all the areas millenials have their foot in. One such area is the music concerts/ live music events. Brands from variety of industries have now realised that full fledged music festivals/ events is a great way to interact with the younger audience. In the early days, brands that sponsored music events had their logos imprinted on stage, invitation/ marketing collaterals etc. However, these are not that effective with the current millenials trends. We at Townscript managed to gather a survey poll of what audiences/ millenials participating in music events require from the brands that sponsor those events.

Graph of audience poll

These changing needs & demands of the new consumers (millenials) has further led to new sponsorship strategies for companies/ brands willing to participate/ sponsor the music events in India. Brands sponsoring the music events should ensure their maximum product interactions with the audience. So its, “Make the audience feel/ use your product” Gone are the days of having brand promotions via photos & videos on stage/ marketing collaterals of the events.

Bacardi – The NH& Weekender!

Bacardi NH7

We gathered insights of few brands on what sponsorship strategy did they use for the music event. Food & drink brands usually bring high energy beats in the music event. With the ban on advertising of alcohol, liquor brands have long resorted to surrogate advertising – promotion of a brand name, but through the peg of a different, non-alcoholic product.

AdWords, the biggest platform for Pay-per-click advertising has strict guidelines against advertising alcohol. While countries like the USA, UK and Australia allow alcohol advertising with certain restrictions, alcohol ads are completely disallowed to be targeted to India. Thus, Bacardi, a popular name in the business of alcohol,  promotes its signature rum through sponsorships of various events, most notably the annual NH7Weekender music festival, and music CDs.

Other brands too can create a similar impact if they fit in the mood, environment of the audience. Let’s have a look on how brands today are associating themselves with music to communicate with the audience.

a) Levis 

Denim Jacket png

As a part of Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Original Denim Jacket Levis executed a phenomenal event hosted at Famous Studios, Mumbai last year (2017). Levis made 50 top musicians to customize their own jackets. The musicians included were Blackstratblues, Kavya Trehan, Prateek Kuhad, Vishal Dadlani, Sidd Coutto, Tejas Menon & MANY more. All these musicians visited the Levis store in Mumbai, they hand picked their best outfit, talked about the selected outfit/design to their fan base and finally performed live to an audience of 2000+ people in Mumbai.

b) Puma


In 2017, Puma took the lead by supporting the street community via the Suede Gully campaign. The Suede hit streets, courts and curbs in 1968 and has been changing the game ever since. This campaign covers 4 languages, 8 rappers, 36 dancers, 7 street artists and shot across 4 corners of the country. It thus represents the spirit of every generation of every corner of India. It’s always a low budget & high impact approach for a brand to associate itself with the music cult. You can read more about Puma’s Community Marketing Campaign here. 

c) Cadbury Dairy Milk #Silksong

silk song

What comes to your mind when you hear “Kuch meetha ho jaaye”? Chocolate? Cadbury? Dairy Milk? Well, that’s what most people in India associate with ‘meetha’ today. Cadbury India, now known as Mondelez India came up with a new campaign #silk song sung by Arman Malik & Shirley Sethia. The key objective of the campaign was to make the silk jingle “Kiss me” a part of popular culture through an aspirational yet mainstream portrayal. It connects with the youth instantly and has now become the most popular song of the present generation.