Catchbox is the World’s first throwable wireless Microphone

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We have already written a blog on an Crowd Mics – An event app which converts your attendees smart phones into wirelss microphones. Our research on wireless mics paid us even richer dividends, one of which is Catchbox.

What is Catchbox?

Catchbox is the world’s first throwable microphone which has a very good use during the Q & A session of your event or conference. During the Q & A session, you can throw it the person in the audience who wants to ask a question.

Problems with the Handhed Mic:

The problem with Handheld mic is that, as the name suggests, they are meant to be used on the stage only.

  • When anyone from the audience tries to speak up, the problem of passing the mic always exists. The speaker creates a random path through the audience to reach the person who wants to speak, which is disturbing as well as time consuming.

  • When you pass a mic to anyone it always creates unwanted noise (quite unpleasant to the ear we would say).

  • Sometimes you might accidentally drop the mic on ground. There is a possibility that it would get damaged or otherwise create that screeching sound which we detest so much.

How Catch Box Solves the Problem?

  • You can easily throw catchbox to the person who wants to speak.. Moreover it also adds fun during the event and livens up the crowd.

  • The device has been engineered to automatically mute the sound when flying through the air or if it falls.

  • You can always change the upper cover of the catch box and make it new.

How does it Work?

Catchbox comes with a receiver. You just have to connect catchbox receiver to the speakers and then start the “ON” button. Your Catchbox is ready to use.

For what kind of events it has the best use?

It has the best use at large audience events like conferences where people need to have a Q & A sessions. Not only big events, It has a very good use in small public meetings, workshops, college events and similar kind of events where there’s a need to a have Q & A sessions.  

How can you get it ?

It’s very easy to book, you can give online order at and get it delivered to your place.


You can get a catchbox in just $549 (well you never know when is the next price the sooner ,the better)

If you are going to organize an event then we at Townscript recommend you to use catchbox to engage your attendee.

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