Marathon organizers, dwelling on these 7 aspects before you choose your ticketing partner will save you a great deal of time

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How to choose a ticketing partner for the marathon

Organizing a Marathon event is a cumbersome job. An efficient team is a way out to ensure that you deliver highly. That includes your ticketing partner too.

Choosing a ticketing platform wisely will ease out much of your stress.

Nonetheless, there are no ready recipes to ascertain a cent percent success of any event; yet being pragmatic can save you from many unwanted ordeals.

Here are the 7 aspects that you must check before you sign up with any ticketing platform:


1) Is it a DIY platform?

Choosing a ticketing platform that is Do-it-yourself gives you a significant edge. You can self-create your marathon event, and you have full control over the content of the event. So if you want to edit and update some part of your event page, it is self-manageable.

It is indeed very time-consuming and cumbersome when y8ii-ou have to approach the customer support or the back office tea of the ticketing platform for getting any and every small change.

More than that, a few things that a DIY platform allows you to do are:

  • Write content about your event yourself. You can make your page as colorful and attractive as you want. Bold the texts that seem important to you.
  • Upload the cover photo of your choice. That helps a great deal in branding your marathon event.
  • Design your tickets yourself. You can create as many types and categories of tickets as you desire and when you desire. For example, tickets for first-time runners, the ticket for elite runners, the ticket for students, etc.
  • Write the instruction on the tickets yourself.
  • Complete control on the payouts. You can decide when you would like to get paid.

Above are just a few things that a DIY ticketing platform allows you to do. In sum, you have complete control of your event page.


2) Is the customer support team eating more than the needed time of yours?

Many ticketing platforms give you only partial control over your event page. Therefore, every now and then you will need to contact the support team.

Even if you have the complete control over your page, there would be scenarios where you will need to speak to the back-office.

Nonetheless, many times your audience might just directly contact the customer support of your ticketing platform.

It is vital to check if the customer support team of your ticketing partner is well-trained, informed and duly efficient.


3) Are the event pages on that platform aesthetically and technically all-encompassing?

Your event page should be attractive and interactive to ensure better engagement with the visitors.  Plus, it must be easy to navigate; so, people can readily spot all the essential information in one go and instantly.

If they have an inbuilt HTML editor that will allow you to play with the colors of your choice while writing the information about the event. Also, if you can upload images yourself. If yes, then how many photos can you upload?

Other crucial aspects include if the registration process is smooth and easy? What all payment gateways are available? What are the costs involved, like service charges? Etc.


4) If they do have a marketing and advertising team to support you further?


Promote your event.townscript

A ticketing platform with sales support is indeed a big time-saver.

Mostly, if you are a first-timer and not much aware of how to sell the tickets. Or if you are super busy while working on other aspects of your marathon event; and, are finding less time to do the promotion of your event. The marketing and advertising support provided by your ticketing partner can come to your aid.

The most prominent plus is that the marketing and advertising team of your ticketing partner would definitely be much high on experience and profoundly skilled as they would have worked on many similar events in the past.


5) Is your ticketing partner playing the role of your branding partner too?

Figure out if you can get a dedicated event page for your marathon run that will be consistent for all the years to come. That is a big advantage in terms of SEO as you seem more relevant to search engines. Also, it is easy for your loyal runners to access your page.

Also, if you can get any brand mentions or coverage from them on their blog and social media profiles; it helps you strengthen the brand.

6) If the platform is mobile-friendly and technically sound?


Mobile registration for events

The youth today is surfing most of the internet on smartphones. That explains why you must sign up with a ticketing platform that is mobile-friendly. Your event page should be readily accessible through mobile without discounting on the experience.

Necessarily, the platform must allow registration via mobiles. You are sure to experience a bigger traffic and better conversion through mobile-friendly platforms.

7) Do they have on-spot registration and fast check-in facilities?

The last-minute runners, who turn up on the venue straightaway is actually a lovely surprise. Check out the facilities that your ticketing partner offers to handle it. Like, if it is possible to register on the spot? What are the payment options available? If the critical data of the last minute audience can be saved?

The turnout for a marathon could be in hundreds or even in thousands. Therefore, another significant convenience that you must ask for is fast-check in facilities via Barcode or QR code scanning. That kind of cuts the total check-in time to half. That means you can handle a bigger crowd with less of human resource.


The final takeaway

Marathons are getting very popular lately. A good ticketing partner would be a platform that is an all-rounder and DIY. It should be technically sound and responsive to smartphones along with an efficient customer support and sales support team to aid you in every step of your event management.

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