The Ultimate List of Companies in India to Approach for College Events Sponsorship

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Want to host a college event? Well nothing in the World is for FREE! Everything starts with MONEY. So the next question is where to get it from?? But before you even get there, you need to understand what value addition will your college event give to the sponsors so that they invest in your college fest. Listed below are few tips to take into consideration:

a) What is the unique thing of your fest

b) How much audience reach do you estimate

c) How much press coverage do you expect

d) Will your fest increase sponsors visibility in terms of more app installs, product purchase, few name in


However, this blog is NOT about sharing the tips to get sponsors for your college fest. This blog shares with you the analysis of major sponsors of big college fest. How we did this? Well our team here at Townscript at first made a list of top colleges in India comprising of all the IIT’s & NITs. We then evaluated the common sponsors/ partners for all of these college’s respective fests. By doing this we made couple of insights on common & changing behaviour patterns of the sponsors which is worth sharing:

a) Mostly or majority of times the companies that invest into the college fest are consumer centric & their only purpose to invest is to increase their brand reach as much as possible.

b) They are generally big funded companies. So it usually does not make sense to approach smaller companies for sponsorship

c) Few companies choose to sponsor your best event of the fest which ensures maximum audience reach in a limited duration. For e.g; Pepsi can choose to sponsor only the “Farhan Akhtar Live event” of your college fest.

d) At times companies decide to Partner with your college fest by providing their service at a low cost

We then made a comprehensive list of sponsors/ partners who are known to invest majority of the times in the college fest. So, if your are planning your next college fest & searching for sponsors then you are on the right page! Cheers to that!

Cheers google

Shown below is a comprehensive table enlisting the Brands with their sponsorship/ partnership type for a college fest. The “Rating” section provides the Brand’s ranking out of 5. The highest ranking means the Brand has sponsored/ partnered with almost all the colleges (IITs & NITs) & vice versa.

a) Title Sponsors

We have in general seen a common trend with One Plus, MRF sponsoring almost all the IIT college fests. Rest are shown below:

b) Banking Partners

Banks in general have sufficient funds to sponsor events. The college festivals are one time opportunity for them to increase their brand reach to a mass audience in one go. SBI, so far, has had highest visibility in majority of the college festivals

c) Online Payment Partner

Almost all the IITs and NITs are using Townscript as the online payment portal for their events registrations. Apart from this, Townscript has also been the online media partner for few of them in parallel to event registrations. Townscript’s market dominance has helped these colleges gather more audience & thus, increase their ticket sales.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 4.29.57 PM
d) Online Mobility Partner

Need to book a cab or an auto, use OLA & the name says it all. With its fare price & thanks to OLA share making it further reasonable in pricing, this company has been consistent in partnering with all the IITs & NITs college festivals every year.

            Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 4.48.30 PM
e) Meal Partner

Zomato best known for its awesome creatives like “Acche Din are finnaly here” or “Bol baby bol, Malai tikka roll” connects with the youth instantly. This one of the reason why till date it has been the registered Partner for all the college festivals.


f) Other Partners

Apart from the above partners, these colleges as well try to approach companies for various needs like online media support, magazine support etc. The companies which help them out in catering those needs can further be shown below:


We hope this article has been helpful to you in deciding the sponsors for your college festival. All the very best & do not forget to register us for the online payment support. Happy to help you as always!