Connect the Dots: Choose Right Conference Theme to Grow your Event

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Connect the Dots: Choose Right Conference Theme to Grow your Event

How can a Conference Theme play a significant importance for your event, let’s learn about it from YourStory? Known for hosting TechSparks (a conference for startup entrepreneurs) every year, YourStory, unlike any other startup Conferences, chose an innovative Conference Theme this year. The theme chosen influenced their branding so strong that it eventually led to a 200% increase in ticket sales. Mind you, there are more than one lakh conferences organized in India annually on startups. So what exactly is this so-called “conference theme” and why exactly is this needed. Read on.

Conference Theme vs Central Idea

The conference theme is basically an excerpt of your central idea about the conference.” The central idea is chosen based on the type of audience considered for the conference; who basically is your target customer & revenue generator.

  1. The whole conference revolves around this theme. Right from the Logo and Venue to deciding the Itinerary and Speakers, everything depends on the conference theme.
  2. Keeping in mind the chosen conference theme, Speakers will set the mode for the conference & audience set the benchmark (success or failure).
  3. If you choose an out of box mass appealing theme, it will help you in connecting with the larger audience and increasing your reach and audience.
  4. A well-chosen conference theme will make your conference memorable and will be long etched in the memory of participants.

TechSparks – An Innovation Theme Case Study

Coming back to our case study about TechSparks 2018 Conference. Unlike many major startup events which focus only on how to launch your startup, the theme of TechSparks this year was ‘Make it Matter’ & “Tech for Billion” (an association to grow your network). This change in theme aligned with innovative branding and networking gathered more than 2150 entrepreneurs from all across India. With this huge number, it proved that Indian startup ecosystem is just not limited to big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore etc. A 200% increase in sales just by a mere change of theme is what weightage a theme takes on while planning and organizing a conference.

Strategy to Adopt while Choosing a Perfect Theme

What will be your conference?

If you are still reading this blog, you are already convinced to choose a theme for your conference! Now, what should be your strategies to choose a theme out of nowhere. Townscript has prepared a list of questions that will ease your decision

  1. What are the hot topics being discussed in your company today? What is the latest buzzword making rounds in your company and industry?
  2. What are some frequent Questions asked by your customers? What are the areas where you have to provide maximum technical support? Or How does your product differentiate from the rest of your competitors? Organising a conference will simply be better than one to one support.
  3. What are the biggest Challenges your customers face today?  What are some of the projects that your customers are working on? What are their requirements? A conference will help you in understanding your customers and their aspirations.
  4. What are the event’s themes your competitors/peers have used recently?
  5. What are the Event themes that would be relevant based on your surroundings? Like A new TV show is being released or a Football league is around the corner.
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