Crowd Mics – An event app to convert your attendees’ smart phones into microphones

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When was the last time when you had gone for an event, you were sitting in the crowd, you wanted to ask a question to the speaker and it was so tough for the organisers to pass on you the handheld mic to ask question?

Many a times when time comes for audience to speak during the conference, workshops, meetings, competition or any other event, passing the mic has always been a hurdle.

Crowd Mic  

Sean Holladay and Tim Holladay two event lovers understood the problem and created a product called Crowd Mic. It is the first audio system that turns IOS and Android devices into wireless microphones. Your audience can talk into their smartphones and tablets and be heard over the room’s sound system

How does it Work?

· You have to create an event and set a password so that people who are present at the moment can access the facility.

· Your event attendees have to download the app and join the event.

·  You can choose the name of the attendee and the chosen attendee’s phone will convert into wireless mic.

·  You can also make an event open mic, so that anybody can speak up but one at a time.

·  One can also do text commenting in the app that will notify all the people who has joined the events.

·  You will also be able to executive real time polling during the event through this app.

What about Crowd Mics’ pricing?

This is something awesome and attractive, but what’s their pricing. We checked out their website to know about their pricing.

– The mobile apps are free to download for the attendees.

– If you are organizing an event of less than 20, it will be free for you and subsequently for larger events they have minimal charges.

You can check out their product’s detailed pricing here.

For more information you can visit Crowd Mics website:

We at Townscript highly recommend you to try out this event management app for your next event.

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