Effective ways to generate killer social buzz for your event

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Events & festivals are inherently social in nature, hence event organizers can’t ignore the importance of creating the buzz on popular social networks. But this is not a trivial task, and requires good amount of effort from organizers. Here are some of my easy tips to generate an awesome social buzz for your event.

Engage your potential attendees early.
Don’t wait for all the data to be available and then starting your social marketing efforts. Get your event website updated with a landing page & with whatever little information you have.

Post about agenda, planned talks, some speakers and venue information for a start.

Make use of various listing websites.
Just keeping your regular event website is not enough. Create a facebook event, and post about your event on other listing websites. That will help you in building an early visibility and traction.

Twitter activity.
Select a hashtag, ideally a small one, for your event. Use this hashtag extensively when posting content on twitter or facebook. Request your speakers to post about their talks using this hashtag.

Start early with twitter questionnaires like “What topics you want to hear at Developer Conference? let us know by tweeting with hashtag #IwantToHearAtDeveloperConf”.

Run twitter contests during your conferences, shell out some prizes and let your attendees have engagement with fun.

Reward good content.
Reward your attendees who write blog posts, post pictures or tweets. For example – give out free a free ticket for your next event, to the attendee who posts best pictures.

Aren’t these things easy? Hope you have a rocking social buzz at your upcoming event!

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