Are you leveraging Event Marketing Automation?

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There are many ways to market your event, you will have all the right ideas and strategies for it. But are you able to execute all those strategies correctly? Does your execution process takes too long to do everything together? Are you dependent on your team for getting things done?

There is a solution for you if all your answers are “Yes”. Its called Marketing Automation. You might have already heard about it but are you able to leverage it properly?

What is Event Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks. -Wikipedia

There are two ways to water your garden: Manually water all your grass and plants in the garden. OR, Install an automatic sprinkler. If you had the resources, what will you choose? Sprinkler right? That’s automation.

But don’t get us wrong, Marketing Automation will not sprinkle magic to your campaigns. You will still have to strategise and leverage your Automation properly to be able to reap out the benefits. Marketing automation is psychology driven, you have to connect with your audience with care, empathy and value to make a conversion.

Marketing automation is a single dashboard showing all your marketing channels at one place, from where you can launch a new marketing campaign, manage all your campaigns and check on your leads.

Often times, Marketing automation is confused with Email Automation but they are not the same. Email Automation is only just a part of Marketing automation.

Why do we need Marketing Automation for Events:

Organizing an event is a costly job, you spend a lot of money on making sure everything is up to the mark. All your marketing efforts and time are heavy on your pocket and why all this? To make your event a success- to bring as many attendees to your event as possible. Major Challenges of an event are:

Expense: You set a budget but there is always a good chance that you will end up spending more than you planned for. Using marketing automation, you can calculate your expenses pretty close to the actual expenditure.

Time Commitment: Sure you have a lot of marketing strategies up your sleeve but when it comes to execution, even an experienced marketer takes time. Automating the repetitive processes is only a good way to save on your time and energy. Also, when you can control your campaign elements (Landing Page, Analytics, Emails, A/B Testing, etc) at one place, it saves a lot of time to keep juggling between all of the marketing processes.

Measurement of ROI: Calculating and monitoring your return on investment is one of the major challenges for managing an event. Automating the key performing metrics and reports can and monitoring them from one dashboard will give you a lot of insights to improve your ROI funnel at every stage of your event.

What are your options?

There are many options if you are looking to get an automation solution, check this out:

event marketing automation india

Image from G2 crowd.

Choose an option that suits you well. If you are a small event organizer and looking for Free/Cheap Marketing Automation tools, check these out:


Sales Autopilot


Leveraging your Marketing Automation:


event marketing automation


The best part of Marketing Automation is integration of all your marketing channels and using them for one goal: Making a sale. The process starts from building awareness, getting traffic to your pages, capturing opportunities, converting them to lead and nurturing those leads to making them buy your tickets and finally, keeping them happy with customer success.


You use multi-channels for Awareness like Social media platforms, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Blog, Landing Pages and Community engagement. The role of marketing automation here is to integrate all these channels and reduce the time spent on managing them individually. Make sure you are creating awareness with very educative content and talk about things that interests your prospective event audience.


All the visitors to your landing pages/blogs/website are opportunities. You take the opportunity and try to convert them into a lead. This is where marketing automation helps you integrate your analytics tool with your pages, blogs and website to study the visitor behavior. You should always try capturing leads from opportunities by giving your visitors an option to fill a form or subscribe asking for their emails. You should always concentrate on building an organic email list where you can send your event content like tip sheets, Whitepapers on topics covered by your event, key notes of your event and much more. Marketing automation helps you place right messages at right places to capture a lead.


You have potential leads and now you need to nurture to help them take a decision: buying your tickets. You should help them with placing correct Call to Actions everywhere: In your emails, your landing pages, your website and even your blogs. Send them all sorts of content (Whitepapers on topics covered by your event, ebooks, key takeaways from your event, etc) that helps them to know how your event is going to be worthy of their attendance.


Lets use the word “Guest” here. All those leads you converted into buying your ticket are now your guests. Engage with them. Delight them with a good service and this will be a retention for all your future events too. Make relationships.

Results of Event Marketing Automation:


All these challenges are met by automating your marketing.  A successful implementation of  marketing automation can give you these benefits:

1. Improved efficiency of your marketing efforts (with improved time to market)

2. More lead conversion rate- more attendees (with improved time to convert)

3. Better engagement with your audience: Creating a buzz

4. Precise targeting of your audience

5. Proper lead nurturing

6. Better ROI with improved registration growth and finally

7. Deduction in marketing expenditures (With proper Cost Analysis)


Hope the article helps you in your event marketing plans. We wrote this article to create an awareness about Event Marketing Automation because not many event organizers are able to use it to their benefits. A proper event marketing plan makes your event into a brand and it lives on forever in your audience’s hearts.

If we missed on some important points to be considered in the article, please comment and let us know. Share your views. Will you use event marketing automation for your next event?

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  1. priya @ travel bharat

    i have read your post and thanks for this,We wrote this article to create an awareness about Event Marketing Automation because not many event organizers are able to use it to their benefits. A proper event marketing plan makes your event into a brand and it lives on forever in your audience’s hearts.

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