The Event Planning Checklist used by Top Event Organizers

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Event planning checklist

There is a lot that goes into planning a successful event. We at Townscript aim at simplifying the event manager’s task. Here is a handy event planning checklist that will help you plan your event in an organized fashion. The idea is “plan well ahead and you’ll need to worry little during the event itself”.

Every event planning involves these steps.

Event planning checklist

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This is a very basic overview and we’ll go through the details of these items in detail.

But, never underestimate the power of this event planning checklist. With so many tasks, a checklist gives you a tangible way to ensure nothing is forgotten.

This checklist is there to keep you on your toes and to make sure that you plan in an orderly manner without skipping anything. This is especially helpful during the final days before your event, or when unexpected issues or situations arise. Let this be your bible to plan any type of event!

Let us get you started with a structured event planning checklist to keep you prepared.

The first steps in the checklist – The Primary Details

You need to start by checking for available dates that do not coincide or conflict with other similar or large scale events that might split your target audience.

  • Event Goals/Objective and Theme:
  • Event Committee:
  • Name of Event:
  • Date/Time:
  • Location/Venue:
  • Speakers/Special Guests/Chief Guest/Celebrity:
  • Targeted or Expected Number of Attendees:
  • Event Sponsors:
Infrastructural Requirements

Would you need a stage, podium, projector, music, tables, chairs, etc.?

If yes, what all do you need?

The number of items you need?

  • Supplier details

Food, beverages, hi-tea other refreshments needed?

  • Supplier details

Do you plan on serving alcohol?

  • Supplier/ Bartender details

Will you use an outside vendor?

  • Vendor details

Will you need any audio/visual equipment?

  • Type and number of equipment
  • Supplier details
  • Name of a volunteer to help you run the equipment?

Would your event need a professional Photographer/ Videographer?

  • Agency details

Will you need Internet service at the venue?

  • Internet service arrangements
Venue Setup
  • How complicated is your set-up? Will you need to extra time before the event to accommodate for it?
  • Would you need volunteers/ agency to assist the setup?
  • Is your event on a weekday, weekend?
  • Does your event need valet or extra security?
  • Does your event have the necessary heating/air conditioning facility?
Guests List

How do you plan to inform your guests about the event?

Does the venue have enough parking space?

Will you be giving out prizes/gifts/mementos to your speakers/Chief guests or attendees?

  • Number of prizes/gifts/mementoes

Will you need name tags for your guests?

  • List of names for name tags

Are you expecting guests with special needs or disabilities?

If yes, what special arrangements would be needed?

Advertising & Promotions

Is your event private or public in nature?

Would you need to print invites?

  • Agency

Any VIP’s involved?

  • Names

Would you use social media for event publicity?

  • Social Media Manager/ volunteer

Would you need to print up flyers or advertising posters?

  • Agency

Any media coverage required for the event?

  • List of print/electronic/web media covering the event
  • How do you plan to sell your event?
  • Have you considered online ticketing or setting up a payment gateway?
  • If you do plan to sell your tickets online with a ticketing tool, what features are you looking for?
  • Have you tried ticketing with Townscript?

Courtesy of Event Essex, we present to you a summary of the event planning checklist with corresponding ideal timelines.

Event planning checklist

Image Courtesy: Event Essex

We hope you found this checklist helpful in getting started with event planning. Use this event planning checklist as a starting point to identify all activities for your event and corresponding timelines. Accordingly, once you’ve defined your checklist and schedule you are ready to start the process to design and build your event.

Disclaimer: Not all items in this checklist may apply to your event. You may ignore some of them. Even the timelines covered are generalized, they could vary for your event.

With Townscript Ecosystem, we provide the ultimate packaged solution for event organizers. A single integrated platform for events which includes ticketing/registrations, marketing, website development, custom mobile app development, and event day solutions. Ready to setup your next event?

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