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We usually think it would be great if we can have all the photos,videos, tweets, facebook shares of the event we follow at one place. It’s very beneficial for us because of many reasons,

– Before the event we come to know who all are coming for the event and we also get the feel of what people think about the event.

– During the event people share about their experiences, it’s very beneficial for us if we want to know what’s happening at the event and we have all the tweets, and shares at one place.

– After the event, we can recall the memories of the experiences that we had at the event.

– We can also recheck anytime the key takeaways that we had taken at the event.   

We personally have felt, if we can have a platform in which we can see all the photos, videos of the pre, during and post event at one place.

Few event enthusiastic entrepreneurs from India understood this problem and have created a superb platform called eventifier.com. It’s a platform that helps you to collect all your event related social media buzz at one place.

It’s the smartest way to archive all your event photos, videos, slides, tweets, conversations and much more from more than 16 social media platform.

How does it work?

  • You just have to give them your event official hashtag of the event, they will fetch all of your event related content from across the social media.

  • All your event content is archived and showcased in a dedicated event page, that is easy to browse and experience.

Major Benefits for the event organiser:

  • You can keep track of what attendees think before or after the event. If you are the part of the event organizing team, before the event you can know the expectations of the attendees from the event and after the event is over, you can have feedback

  • With the help of eventifier you can do the analysis of your event’s reach on social media by making graphs of many parameters(Number of tweets,shares,like) with respect to time.

  • You can also know about the attendees engagement with the event and can create a visual pattern of the same.

  • With the help of eventifier you can generate a report for your sponsor so that you can create an clear image of event in their mind.

What Big event organisers and bloggers have to say about Eventifier?

– Techcrunch:
“Eventifier offers a complete view of pre and post-event data for both organizers and attendees”

– Event Manager Blog:
“Eventifier is an interesting service to keep track of what’s being said and shared about your event.”

– Web Summit
“7 Interesting Social Media Tool Startups at Dublin Web Summit”

– ISES International
“Next time you have an event, try eventifier and see how you can expand your outreach.”

– Next Big What
“Eventifier helps event organizers make sense of social media chatter generated during the event.”

– Yahoo Finance Singapore
“Neat idea to get events data filled automatically.”

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