Evvnt: A tool to reach your millions of targeted customers in few minutes

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Internet has become a great way for you as an event organiser to reach your potential attendees. With the help of social buzz and various websites you can increase your event’s reach

When you organise an event you put all your efforts in marketing the event. Online marketing being one of the main marketing tactics, you give your best to increase your online market reach.

To increase your online reach,  you try to list your event on number of event listing websites which have a good attendee reach.

But submitting your event details on different websites is a pain. And most of the times you are not able to list your event on the major sites as you don’t get time for that.

Surely listing your event on these websites is a very hectic and time consuming process. 

Some event enthusiasts from London understood this problem and created Evvnt.com.

How does It Work?

1) You have to select online marketing plan according to your event budget: Whether your event happens periodically or once in a while; whether you want to list your event at 10 publishers or more than that.

2) Once you have selected the pricing plan then you have to submit details of your event and confirm it just once.

Now, within a few minutes Evvnt will list your event on all the website where your customers frequently visit. Within 24 hours of listing your event at each of the websites, you will receive a full online report, showing where your event is listed, how many people have seen it and how many clicks you’ve received.

This will definitely improve the organic search engine position of your events which will be very beneficial for you to get relevant customers

This is a highly recommended event management tool for you. it will give you a good coverage. Do try out Evvnt to reach your targeted audience in your next event.

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