The Do’s & Don’ts at Expo day to handle BIB distribution & Administrative Challenges

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BIB distribution day- Townscript

Once the marathon date is decided, the major challenge lies in how to make it successful. Amongst all the challenges, the major one is an administrative challenge faced during the Expo day. The next challenge that supersedes the list is how to administer the BIB distribution for participants close to 500 to 10,000 depending upon the scale of the marathon. In this post, we will provide you the checklist of things you should consider for the successful administration during the pre-event stage.

How to send announcements for BIB distribution

The audience participation in marathon varies from 500 to 10,000+ or even more depending upon its scale. What if from 10,000 people, 5,000 come on the day of the marathon to collect their BIBs & goodies? This shall cause huge chaos at expo which can even delay the start time of the marathon. Thus, constant reminders are required to be sent to audience persuading them to collect tickets at least a day before the marathon.

Thanks to the latest tools & technologies for setting reminders that provides simplistic solutions to the above issue.

  1. Reminders via email:

This activity has to start a month before the marathon with a frequency of 1 email each day. Email campaign tools like Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Send-in-blue, Zoho helps you reach out to the large set of audience in one go. Their marketing automation tool helps in sending constant email reminders, track the open rate of emails & resend to ones who have still not opened the mail.

  1. Automated voice call & SMS

This activity has to start a week before the marathon with a frequency of 1 call per day

After getting the list of the audience from emailer tools, who have not yet opened their emails a further reminder can then be sent using automated voice call. Tools like Exotel help in tracking the list of the audience who have answered the call & those who haven’t.

  1. Human personalized call

This activity has to start 2 days before the marathon.

The balance audience who haven’t answered the automated voice call can now be called upon individually with the help of a volunteer. In this scenario, the audience is required to collect their tickets in last 2 days. If they could not collect in those days then on the day of the marathon they need to be called at least 2 hours before the marathon starts.


How to decide the date, time & venue for BIBs collection?

  1. Date & time

The public holidays & weekends are the best days for BIBs collection. During those days the timings can usually be from 9:00 am till 10:00 pm. For the weekdays the timings can be restricted to the working hours say from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm

  1. Venue

The venue should be sufficiently large enough with decent seating areas to include the marathon participants in expo. It should have easy connectivity from almost everywhere.

If major the participants are from outside city, then it always makes sense to have expo set up in their city.


Ideas to Attract and Improve Visibility for Sponsor’s

Sponser's Idea

Sponsors visibility during the marathon is of utmost importance. All that takes into account is where all can the sponsor’s brand be promoted. Below are the few tips to consider where all can you show the sponsor’s brand

  1. Introducing the sponsor’s counters
  2. Having the tickets distributed in the sponsors counter
  3. Making a photo frame whose borders display sponsors brand. People generally get their photo clicked in the frame & share it on social media
  4. Volunteer’s clothes, accessories in the goodies, food & beverages can etc. are few other areas to display sponsors visibility


BIB selection, BIB designing & BIB distribution

A. BIB selection & design

  1. Color: There are different types of marathon introduced in the single day event such half marathon, full marathon, midnight marathon etc. It’s always essential to assign different colors for different types.
  2. Quality: The BIB should be printed on a glossy paper which is having the minimum paper thickness of 125 Gsm (Gram square per meter).
  3. Contents of BIB: The participant BIB number, flag of time & sponsor brand display (if any) are few of the important contents to be considered while designing BIB

B. BIB distribution

The Dos

  1. Have the BIBs arranged in sequence before the ticket distribution starts
  2. Have the hoodies & accessories as well arranged in the similar fashion
  3. Keep the waiver forms ready before hand
  4. Separate T-shirts based on colors & sizes

The Don’ts

  1. Do not separate T-shirts based on BIB sequence. This shall be time-consuming & reduce proficiency of distribution.


Volunteer’s strength & training

Tips to decide number of volunteers

  • Identify the total number of registrants for marathon
  • Calculate the number of BIB counters thus required for smooth functioning
  • Based on this, then figure out the number of volunteers required per BIB counter


Volunteers training

During the BIB distribution at expo day, volunteers need to be really quick & efficient to handle the large audience of nearly 10,000 in number. Below are the few tips to improve their efficiency

  • Colors set for different types of marathon should be well versed with the volunteers
  • The BIB number starting code for different events should be trained properly to the volunteers. Like M1003 is for a candidate participating in midnight marathon whereas F1003 shall be for the full marathon.
A quick snap on how we design & manage volunteers required for the BIB Distribution in the below image

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