Why Food Festivals in India are the Next Cool Stuff?

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Food Festivals in India


It’s rightly said, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Does eating good food make you happy? Have you ever thought about the magical simple recipe behind the awesome dish you just ate! If you are a foodie or love to cook, food festivals are the place for you to be.

The Food Festivals in India scene is shifting and the new kids up the block are food festivals. The idea is simple. Entire festivals dedicated to food. Or just experimenting with exotic cuisines. Or learning to make new exquisite dishes.

Festivals in India have been going on since a long time. Food festivals are something we don’t get to see every day. It’s a new concept which has shown a huge potential and a new angle to the Indian festival scene.

Indians really love their food. Indian is known as the land of the spices.  In a country where the food gets more attention in a wedding than the bride and her groom, festivals dedicated entirely to food have the potential to become a big chunk of the market.

So what counts as a food festival? There a whole bunch of food related events you can host.

Festivals dedicated to a certain type of cuisine are being spotted all around and it is a nice way to get yourself acquainted with dishes which you would never really have had the chance of tasting or getting to make. Example: Punjabi Food Festival, Odia Food Festival



Food Trials are organised whereby people walk across town from one food joint to another pleasuring their taste buds throughout the way.



Food Trucks: Exact opposite to a food trail, we have food trucks from all over a city, serving various delicacies, gathered at one spot. Foodies can munch from any of the trucks, listen to the great music and just have a brilliant experience on their hands.




Mocktail making sessions which treat mocktail lovers with workshops on drinks, with a twist of science, which includes molecular gastronomy and the art of preparing mocktails into a refreshing juxtaposition of tastes.




Coffee Brewing workshops:  Coffee, one of the beverages keeping you up and alive for all those lone all-nighters, the love of all those coffee addicts. You can host a session on coffee brewing and earn the right to call yourself a real coffee addict.




And to add fun to food, you have festivals which also have food games, food installations, food styling workshops, food photography sessions, etc.

There is a lot which can be done with food and food festivals have just started to scratch the surface.

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2 Comments on “Why Food Festivals in India are the Next Cool Stuff?”

  1. Saima

    Wow, that’s quite interesting. I am quite foodie and that’s why anything related to food is huge turn on for me 🙂 Would love to attend it and try new dishes.

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