How GutsyTribe became popular in treks, camping & international trips: Learn from Mounika P.

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It’s well said; People don’t take trips, trips take people. And if the trip organizer is “Gutsy Tribe  fun with adventure is usually what happens instead of your plans. Let’s not forget that all of this falls in your budget too! So a big hurrah to that! Gutsy Tribe based out of Bangalore is a budgeted adventure trip organizer for international & local (India) based locations. 

Today we got an opportunity to interview Gutsytribe group’s Founder Ms. Mounika Pothenini. A self-motivated & passionate traveler, Mounika is a full-time professional in adventure & travel industry who is known to provide amazing offbeat experiences, it is river rafting, scuba diving, mountain treks, bag pack trips etc. Her love for nature not only changed her to become a professional adventure traveler, as she also holds the Renewable Engineering degree, her future plans include building solar energy projects for rural electrification. She is currently promoting ecotourism in India. 


Let’s here in her own words her journey from scratch of building this big group “The Gutsy Tribe” 

1) How was your life before being the Founder of Gutsy Tribe? Tell us more about it. What was that “kick” in your past to choose a life as an event entrepreneur?

Life is not about survival but living it. I wanted to do things that matter to me the most, the things that I am passionate about and live life to the fullest.It is not easy being an entrepreneur, I have had my piece of ups & downs & have learnt many things. The positive side of it is, many doors were opened for me after choosing this line. 


2) You keep organising lot of treks in & around Bangalore like Coorg, Ooty, Kudremukh etc. Describe us the beauty of each of these treks & how are each one of them different from the rest?

tough trek

One has to trek these peaks to see the real beauty than just get a glimpse at viewpoints. Walking through wild life trails give adrenaline, build endurance, engage you physically and mentally, you happen to socialize with like-minded people & finally it keeps you away from all the possible distractions of your life. These treks cater to the Adventure souls to rejuvenate in natural streams, waterfalls, camp outdoors and soak in the fresh air.


3) How do you plan & manage the local permits, logistics & staff for all the above treks?

The prime most important thing in organizing any trek is to make friends with the locals of that area. Local forest permission is always mandatory to organize trek in any part of India. Once we made relations with the locals of that region, the balance coordination in terms of permissions & logistics is the by-product of how strong we build the relation. For the trekkers, our team is quite knowledgeable 

4) Scuba diving & river rafting require special courage. How do you get the motivation high amongst the participants?

Scuba Diving

We first try to motivate people. Its nothing wrong to enjoy looking at the surface of the sea, except that when you finally see what’s going on underwater, you realize you have been missing the whole point of sea, and it’s also true that everyone has their firsts in life. We just give them that extra push to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone. 


5) You have been organizing a lot of international backpack trips for Egypt, Israel, Jordan etc How do you manage the logistics, accommodation, international permits for the trip? It would be requiring lot of coordination?


Building trust, transparency in business relationships with the local representatives of the country is of prime most importance. We hold strong relations with locals of Egypt, Israel & Jordan. Our groups co-coordinators always accompany the tours for example, they had been to this place close to 18 times while conducting trips. This shows that people who plan their bag pack trips with us are always in safe hands & under expert guidance throughout their journey. As for us, their is only one thing that matters the most i.e Customer Satisfaction.


6) Ideally how much are people ready to spend for an international bag pack trip? Accordingly, how do you ensure they get the best experience in their budgeted amount?

Travel expo

People are spending around 3-4 lakhs for Euro trips and Easily around 1 lakh for other international trips. The trips that we host are quite budgeted which offer offbeat local experience. We tailor the Package to experience as much as local culture, activities and cuisine than staying at 5-star hotels.


7) Tell us more about Masai Mara WildLife  Safari backpack trip

masai mara 2

Masai Mara is the bucket list trip for all Adventure and wildlife lovers. We host photography workshops, do about 5 full day safaris, lunch in jungle, quite affordable camp stay options for backpackers and cottage stays with all facilities. Our organizers are quite experienced and ensure to get us a glimpse of big 5 Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Wild Buffalo. Most of our trips are eco-friendly and our organizers give knowledge about different species, rare birds and also teach wildlife ethics on how to behave in the ecosystem.


8) What is your contingency plan in case a rescue has to be done during the water sports activity?

We explain the guidelines to follow before they pursue the activity and how to use the gear to rescue if something happens. Apart from this a Raft guide is included in every group

9) What are your major upcoming adventure trekking events for the audience to be tuned in for?

Hiking boots

We have come up with Adventure camps in Bangalore for the families, Corporates and friends groups to come along to experience the outdoors camping, Adventure games & mystery races, different themed events throughout the year. We are going to host nature workshops and exciting adventure sports for school children and do certifications. We are hosting aero sports like paramotoring in Bangalore regularly.

We have Everest base camp and many more Himalayan circuit treks planned this year. We commit to bring the offbeat experiences to serve our clients.

Thank you Mounika for answering questions for Townscript’s audience.