How Adnan & Zeba built India’s Biggest Obstacle Race – Devils Circuit

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Today we have with us Adnan Adeeb and Zeba Adeeb from Devils Circuit, founders of India’s biggest obstacle race. Devils Circuit is India’s first and the best obstacle race.

Devils Circuit has revolutionized Endurance events industry in India. They have brought a new concept in India which was a far fetch dream 10 years back. Indian Event industry has been growing 15-20% Year on Year and events like Devils Circuit give push to India’s event industry in the right direction.

India lacks well structured events and Devils Circuit is one of those events which can be an inspiration for budding event entrepreneurs on how an event is organised. The level of event is world class, and some people have found it better than America’s Tough Mudder.

Till last year, Devils Circuit was organised in 6 major cities of India. It has been growing rapidly year on year, this year two new cities – Goa and Ahmedabad have been introduced in the list of Devils Circuit. Townscript has got the privilege of empowering ticketing for Devils Circuit.

We wanted to share Adnan and Zeba’s experience with our community.

When did you start Devils Circuit?

The Devils Circuit was conceived as India’s first and most challenging obstacle race in the second half of 2012, this was the second disruptive participative sports property that came from the Volano Platform.

How did the idea of organising an obstacle race in India strike to you?

Our goal was to create India’s biggest participative sports company by conceptualizing unique, disruptive and thrilling properties that have a direct appeal to a large and wide audience within the country. Obstacle races globally are a new phenomena and we were confident that if we create a property that can rival any of the global races, we will be able to quickly scale and grow the property to new cities and thousands of runners Pan India. Also since the idea was to create a space in disruptive concepts, creating India’s first obstacle race property was a no-brainer and an easy sell to our sponsors.

Could you please let us know about the concept of Devils Circuit and your vision for Devils Circuit ?

Devils Circuit is india’s first and now also the biggest obstacle running series. An obstacle run by definition includes running on a rugged track interspersed with military style obstacles. Devils circuit spans a track that is 5 kms long and offers 15 obstacles that challenge participants at a both physical and mental level. The obstacles are conceptualied and then subsequently manufactured keeping in mind the entire age and fitness spectrum of our participants. Therefore, irrespective of your gender, age or fitness level, we ensure that Devils Circuit offers something for everyone.

We like to say that we are in the business of creating memorable experiences and that is exactly what we do at devils Circuit. Our vision for Devils Circuit is to create it into a global brand, synonymous with adventure, fun and a once in a lifetime experience. Ultimately our aim is to put this on everyones bucket list of things they must do!

Devils circuit has been growing really fast Year on Year. This year two new cities have been added. What are your plans for Devils Circuit in coming years?

Devils circuit is already India’s only pan –India running property across all running formats. We want to scale Devils Circuit from the current calendar of 8 races in 8 cities to 10 editions in 10 cities annually- we believe that given the current response and growth we should attract over 100,000 runners on our platform annually within the next few quarters. In addition, we are firm believers in constant innovation and through each season of Devils circuit, we ensure that there are enough new elements present to keep even the biggest DC loyalists engaged and excited.

Some of the elements we have already introduced are the Legends cup and the Bootcamp Challenge. This year we are introducing our junior Circuit for the younger devilslayers; this is something we have been planning for a while and feel that now the timing is perfect to create a parallel circuit for the sub 15 audience.

Do you plan to enter in other verticals apart from Obstacle races in India ?

Yes- we already have a unique corporate challenge that is a television property called the Swift Devils Circuit Challenge which is currently in its second season and being broadcast on AXN HD. In addition we are already working on new concepts that will be in the same disruptive and participative space as Devils Circuit but will be televised properties with an appeal of millions of viewers annually.

You are a great example of building a successful business with your spouse. How has been the experience of starting your business with your spouse?

My wife is a very qualified professional in her own right and I have found a perfect work partner in her. I think when we started the business, it was not a case of we are married so let’s work together. In fact, our skill sets complement each other perfectly and we have a very well defined role distribution within the company. We both respect each others’ opinions and value what each brings to the table.

Your immense success has inspired many budding event entrepreneurs. What will you suggest for budding entrepreneurs who wish to make career in events industry?

What we would suggest is that before you embark on the journey of entrepreneurship, have a very strong reason for doing so. Believe wholeheartedly in your idea and be ready persevere through the initial bootstrapping and build up phase however also be flexible enough to pivot if the business you imagined yourself building does not take shape the way you thought it would . Ultimately, whatever business you do, do it with utmost integrity, passion and honesty.

Thank You Adnan & Zeba, it was great to have you with us today. For our readers, here’s a glimpse of Devils Circuit:

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