How Event Planners Choose Venues

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Choice of venue for any event is perhaps the most important decision that an event planner has to make. It’s the reason that every year, there are dozens of trade shows held with only one end in mind – to bring event planners and venue hosts together. Both parties understand the importance of capturing the attention of the event planner and on what it means for business.

This is where hosted buyers programs come in. They have various packages like inclusive travel and accommodation packages, lavish private events and VIP lounge access among others, provided the planner shows willingness to book appointments.

Nevertheless, what exactly is likely to sway your mind as an event professional towards one venue and away from another?

Technology certainly helps

No industry has been unaffected by technological advancement and with venue search engines and review websites for different venues and destinations around the world, you will be spoilt for choice right from the comfort of home. 

Some companies have even taken it a notch higher and created an automated Request for Proposal (RFP) procedure. It gathers information on what an event planner wants and gives venue hosts a chance to respond to each stipulation.

Personal interaction is a major seller

Despite the technology boom and the various marketing channels out there, it might interest you to know that most event planners rely on personal reviews from trusted peers more than anything else, when it comes to selecting venues. Yes, this is over and above all search engines, blogs, venue listing and review websites and trade magazines as well as all advertising channels. 

This means that as an event planner looking to promote your event, you are more likely to believe what a fellow event planner says about a certain venue, and it could tip the scale for or against a venue, no matter how good it looks on-screen and paper.

Meeting Room information has the final say

The importance of meeting room information in the decision making process offers a further glimpse into the workings of an event planner’s mind-it has a huge bearing on the final decision for or against a venue. It is bigger than the attractions, ambience, service, past experience, peer reviews, accommodation standards and technical support and yes, even the cost of the facility.

It is always a popular school of thought that cost determines everything. However, findings from the International Special Events Society (ISES) have thrown that far out the window. This might be a useful tip for venue owners and marketers out there – invest in your meeting rooms and advertise them well; that is what’s going to get you that yes!

Last word – why should it matter so?

That the venue of an event is of great importance is not a fact under debate. Unlike regular professionals in various industries, the most unexpected of factors sway event professionals. But what’s all the fuss about selecting a venue anyway?

You may not know this if you are new to the industry, but the choice of venue for any event will have the largest effect on the overall success of your event or lack thereof, as well as your budget. 

It can make or break your event, which is why event professionals experience much pressure as regards this decision. It is certainly not made easier by venue owners who are investing in offering extra services to clinch the deal – catering and technology, audio visuals etc. They only serve to add to the weight of the decision to be made.

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