How to Bring Back Your Last Event Attendees to Your New Event

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The thing about hosting an event is that you always want to keep the number of attendees up. It is, after all, one of the signs of a successful event. One of the best and easiest ways to do that is to bring back the people that attended your previous event. In fact, studies have shown that it is much easier to retain a client thanit is to get a new one.

The previous attendees will not only provide a reliable basic number of attendees for your event but they are also a way of marketing your event for free and bringing in more people. The concept here is word of mouth. If the past attendees liked your event, they will probably tell a friend or two to join them the next time round, hence, increased attendance.


The question is, therefore, how do you get the previous attendees to come back (and maybe even bring someone new along)?


You need to hear from them what they like and disliked about your event. The best way to do this is hand out a questionnaire at the end of your event for them to make comments while the event is still fresh in their minds. 

Go through them carefully and take them into consideration for your new event. In fact, you could write something related to the improvements you have made based on their comments on the next invitations so that they feel heard and respected. You’ll earn major points with them here.

Special treatment

Make your previous attendees feel special by offering them the first chance to register for your event, or even giving them a small discount on the fees related to this second event. This could be as easy as sending to them invitations on their emails first before publicly advertising the event, that way they have a sense of belonging. Both means have been proven to work effectively for many events and they should work for yours.

Stay connected

Beyond the post-event survey and before the new event, make sure you keep the conversation going. Stay connected to your attendees through social media, that way, they will always have you in mind and when the next event comes it will not be like building a whole new relationship with them.

The trick is to keep them talking. Ask them questions about the previous event, post interesting pictures related to it, see what they enjoyed the most and what they would expect from the next event. Whatever you do, just make sure to keep the conversation going.

Fresh, relevant content

You can determine this based on their comments and the target of your next event. Since they have already attended your eventbefore, make sure there is something new that they are coming to experience in the next event. If you are doing something continuous, make sure to link the two event’s content perfectly for that continuity. Overall, they have come for a ‘show’ so make sure to give them something better than the last one.

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