How to Choose an Event Ticketing Software to Sell Your Event Tickets Online

Sanchit MalikEvent Management, Event Planning

The role of event ticketing softwares for your event

If you are planning to organise an event that requires you to sell event tickets online, understanding the role that event ticketing softwares or ticketing platforms can play is paramount. Once your event plan is ready and you are working out the minute details of putting together your event, you need to choose an efficient event ticketing software simultaneously. This will help you to spread a word about your event and reach a wider audience. You can then plan even better and know your attendees in advance.

An event ticketing software acts as a link between your event and the interested attendees. It plays a very significant role in determining the success of your event. If the interested attendees have a good experience while buying a ticket for your event, they can spread a word for your event and can also be loyal attendees for all your events!

Choosing an efficient event ticketing software

In order to choose the most appropriate event ticketing software to sell event tickets online, you need to understand the available platforms in the market and prioritise the factors that matter the most to your event needs. Although these factors may vary based on the nature of your event but it is a good idea to think about it from a long term perspective. This can be achieved in two steps.

One, list the factors that you’d take care of if ‘you’ were selling tickets yourself. Think of it this way – if these factors are compromised with, interested attendees may not attend your event. So these are the non-compromisable factors. Two, compare the relevant platforms that’ll help you in organising your events seamlessly in the long term. You can refer to their respective websites and use software/product review websites to understand the offerings of different event ticketing softwares. Finally, settle with the event ticketing software/platform that resonates the most with your event.

Important factors to consider while choosing an efficient event ticketing software

1. Reliability of the Platform: 

A good event ticketing software survives unexpected heavy traffic and doesn’t interrupt customer experience. Traffic on the online event ticketing pages is mostly impulsive. For instance, it is highly likely that it increases exponentially when offers like early bird discounts end and/or, on the last day of the ticket sales.

With the increase in traffic, a rookie platform gets conked off at the last minute, thereby causing a significant loss to the event organiser. Ticket booking is the first step for attendees to know about the event and it is natural for them to form an impression about the event, based on their experience while booking their tickets. If the attendees have a bad first experience, it might affect the future events of the organiser as well.

Therefore, it is very important to not compromise on the quality of event ticketing platform and choose the most reliable and proven platform.

2. Customer Success Team: 

Even if you organise your event systematically, your event might involve unforseen last minute changes. This makes it necessary to have a strong support team to communicate timely with the attendees and handle queries 24*7 with a quick response time.

In the end, what differentiates a good event from an average event is not the number of times changes occurred but how smoothly and efficiently the changes were dealt with by the event ticketing software customer team. Even in today’s era when customer is considered to be the king, a lot of big players lack a good customer service.

Therefore, it is crucial to test the customer success team of the platform you will on-board to sell your event tickets online.

3. Ease of Use of the Platform and DIY Event Registration Management Software :

An intuitive event ticketing software/platform and user-friendly interface saves time and makes it easier for you to list your events and for your attendees to book their tickets. On the contrary, a complicated UX will make your life difficult!

You should also have a checklist of the number of features in the platform that you’ll need for your event, it’ll help you make a meaningful comparison across platforms. The easier the platform to use, the more happy the attendees with the overall experience.

4. Event Manager App :

With time, the events have become increasingly dependent on technology making it important for you to have a robust event manager app. As an event manager, you are always on the go, so it becomes critical to track your ticket sales, make basic changes like discount code, new ticket addition ticket transfers, ticket cancellation etc.

Therefore, before choosing the right event ticketing software, make sure that you can manage all your event processes on the event manager app and are not entirely dependent on accessing a desktop to make changes or to alter any event details.

Making the final decision

While researching on the above factors will help you to get your priorities straight, we highly recommend you to refer to product review websites before taking the final call. One way is to visit the websites of all the ticketing platforms that you are considering and reading through the testimonials or all the client reviews. Another option is to visit well known software/product review websites such as G2 Crowd that publish reviews of only verified reviewers. This will help you draw comparison amongst most widely used ticketing platforms and help you know which platforms work better in which geography.