How to Evaluate an Event Ticketing/Registration Platform for your Event?

Akash KumarEvent Management

Is the venue for your event booked? Are the speakers/ influencers lined up? Then the next question arises is where to host your event online?. How handle this is pretty simple. Choose the right event ticketing platform to host your event & eventually gather attendees/ participants. On Global front we have event registration portals like Eventbrite, TicketMaster etc. If you are exclusively planning to organise your event in India & Indonesia we have Townscript. Now the question is where all as an organiser you can host your event. Yes, you can host your event in all the event ticketing platforms or be wise enough to evaluate the best platform. In this blog, we shall provide you few tips which will eventually help you in choosing the right platform.

The platform should be DIY (Do it Yourself)

Do It Yourself (DIY), business concept acronym on blackboard

Don’t you want the entire ownership for your event on the platform? As an organiser you require a total transparency & trust with the platform you are actually using. It can be in terms of payouts, attendee database, analytics on how many actually visited your event page & how many registered etc. Few things to distinguish a DIY event registration platform are:

1)  The platform should allow you to create an event free/ basic charges post registering your account.

2) It should give the freedom to change the creatives of your campaign anytime.

3) It should allow you to manage & monitor the contact information/ database of all the attendees registering for your event.

4) The platform should provide complete transparency & visibility in terms of payment roll outs on actual basis.

The UI/UX of the platform should be very simple & user friendly

When it comes to UI/UX of the platform think from the end user/ customer perspective. There are basic minimalistic things for the event page if handled carefully ensures quick purchasing of your event tickets.

1) The loading of event platform & your event page should be in nano seconds say 1/10th of the seconds. If loading takes longer then customers tend to close the window instead of waiting.

2) Pictures & videos speak louder than words. Your campaign becomes more effective when you show actual images of place or photos/ videos of your earlier events.  The platform should provide you the liberty to upload best images of the event.

The event page should be Search Engine Optimised & easy to navigate

At Townscript we have recently published a blog on How to make your event rank higher on Google SEO. You can read it here. If you made the best creatives but fail to make your event get attention in the first page of Google search then its just like cutting the wood with a blunt knife. So be smarter & work smarter.

The platform should provide a good customer support team

Trust & transparency with any event registration platform you choose to partner for your event promotions is of ultimate importance. The platform should provide you with a dedicated customer support team to help you with underneath activities:

1) A quick & smart handle with fraud complaints

2) The customer query should be handled diligently which ensure customer retention for all your events. The portal as well should grant you access to send announcements directly to the customers

2) The platform should be technology driven which ensures security of organiser’s & attendees information/ database.

The platform should provide Intelligent Sales Insight

Having the ownership of your data is useful. But what’s the use of such data if it does not provide you the sales & business insights. The platform you choose should be capable enough to provide data insights in following ways

1) How many attendees visited your page vs how many actually bought your tickets.

2) Which amongst your events is generating maximum sales/ revenue

3) Which type of ticket category is getting major traffic & ultimately generating maximum sales.

A team to market & brand your events

The platform you choose should help you with other marketing initiatives like:


1) The portal should be able to engage with your past & current attendees. This ensures customer retention for any of your future events. As well the portal should have maximum audience reach. This indirectly helps in promoting your event.

2) The portal should generally provide social sharing buttons for the event pages that you create. At times the portal should even promote your event on their social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to gather more audience.

3) The portal should keep updating the organisers/your profile on regular intervals like highlighting your popular events, events you organised till date, audience gathered etc. This helps in keeping the audience updated & maintains your overall branding.

This indirectly generates more traffic for your event page as event registration platform shall be having more market reach than your event. Finally as it’s well said when you partner with an event registration platform you try to complement each other. The Platform needs events & as an organiser you require right platform for your event promotions.