How to get sponsorship for your next event?

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Getting sponsorship for an event is same as to sell a very high price product to the corporate world. Here your event is the product and the corporate world is your buyer. Now, it depends on your efforts and skills to sell it to the best buyer out there. 

Below are  few things that you must do to get sponsors of your event:

Who you should approach for your event’s sponsorship? 

Before approaching anyone, You must understand

The agenda of the event.

The category of the attendees who are going to attend the event.

The reach of your event in terms of number of people, media and footfalls in the event.

        Based on your assessments on your events’ agenda and target attendees, you should make the list of the companies or organisations who may get benefited from the category of the people attending your function.

 After you choose which organisation you are going to approach for sponsorship. Then you have to make a right strategy of approaching them.

How to approach the sponsor you have planned to approach?

a) The most important part in approaching the sponsor is writing a delightful Proposal.

Writing a Delightful Proposal:

– In your proposal show them the benefits of sponsoring your event.

– You must think of the new kinds of branding avenues that are different from the traditional ways and giving a huge visibility to the companies in front of your attendees.

 Your proposal to the companies should be personalized with detailed description of branding avenues, reach, social buzz, category of the people and your expectation from the companies in terms of money.

 All your description should be in pie chart, graph, table and photographs. There should not be much text in proposal. You must give 2-3 options to the companies so that they can choose one according to their budget. Your option must vary in amount of money.

– You should keep 3-4 different ideas to associate with company, if while talking they reject your proposal you can give them more option to consider.

After you approach them, you should keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to close the deal.

Because of the big structure of the organisations and bureaucracy, it takes time to close the deal. So, there comes an important part of following up.

 b) Best practices in Following up:

 Do follow up punctually, while following up the sponsors give them updates about the event through mails or calls.

– Ask them for the suggestions for the event and anything they want to change in proposal.

– Don’t follow up too aggressively. Give them some time to reply you back.


All companies have budget for marketing and it’s your work to make them believe that they really going to get benefit by sponsoring your event. Do provide all your promised deliverable and send them post event report so that you can maintain a healthy relation and can approach them to the next version of your event too.

We hope this will help you in planning your event’s marketing strategy in more efficient way. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in comments.

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