How to Make Sure That Your Event Goes off Without a Hitch

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Event planning can be pretty stressful but when everything goes off without a hitch and people leave having enjoyed themselves, it is certainly worth all the blood, sweat and tears. The main thing about having a successful event is planning: How well you layout the course of the event before its starts and after it ends determines how well everything is going to go. So, yes, they were right when they said failing to plan is planning to fail.


Beyond planning, there are a few other tips and tricks you need to keep in mind in order to throw a pretty grand soiree.

Know your client

Who are you planning this event for? What are their expectations of the event and of you? Make sure you have a very honest conversation with your client to make sure you absolutely understand what they need from you. Ask the right questions to get all the information you need because the event will reflect on them, so take the time to know and understand them.

Know your guests

What kind of event are you planning? Who are you expecting to attend? What is the majority demographic? If you are having children over, you certainly will not hire an orchestra for entertainment. If you need to, do some research on them and find out what they would like.

Invitations and/or advertising

The success of an event can only be gauged if people actually attended it, right? So based on the kind of event, send out invitations early in advance and request for confirmation of attendance. Otherwise, make sure your advertising is done aggressively months in advance so that as many people as are available can come.

Timing is everything

Make sure you have all your service providers contacted and booked at least 3 months in advance if you are going to have more than 100 people over. Even if they are fewer than that, a month’s notice is advisable so that you can avoid any surprises on the material day. Make sure you have the terms clearly spelt out, agreed upon and signed (no gentleman’s agreement here).

Delegate and concentrate

You are not a super hero and even then no one super hero possesses every kind of power there is. The point here is, maximize your energy in the area of your strength. If you are great at setting up the floor plan do not struggle with talking sound and technology. Get a team you can trust around you and delegate. Many hands make the work lighter, I promise.


You always have to have a back-up plan. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If you are having an outdoor event in the summer and then there is this sudden summer storm, what are you going to do? What if the power goes out during a concert? You need to anticipate problems to a certain degree and prepare as much as possible to mitigate them. 

This list hardly exhaustive, but itshould get you started on your way towards having a very successful event.  If you would like help planning for your next event we will be glad to help you!

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