How to reach your event’s potential attendees?

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Most of the small event organizers whom I have met face a major problem of reaching their attendees. In my last few meetings, one of which was with a Robotics workshop organizer, I found that only ten people turned up even after putting so much efforts into marketing. I had another meeting with a trek event organizer who also faced the same problem of reaching the trekkers. The budget of small event organizers is low. They can’t invest a lot of money on marketing.

Here are best practices to increase your event’s presence which can make your event a big success:
1) Start minimum 3 months before: If you are planning to organize any type of event(workshop, trek etc), you need to start the event planning before 3-4 months, it will help you planning out your marketing strategy.
2) Identify your potential attendee: Who are the ones who will love to attend your event? You must be very clear about your potential attendees. For example if you are planning to organize a trek event then people who have hardcore interest in going for the trek are your potential attendees. Then, you need to prioritize your potential attendees.
3) Find your potential attendee: Once you figure out who can be your potential attendee, finding him can be a tough task but if you crack it, you will crack your problem of market reach. Identify the forums(online and offline both) where your potential attendee can be active. Start engaging on those forums online or offline both.
Taking example of a trek organizer, there are many trek forums on internet where trekkers are active, there a trek organizer can find out potential groups of trekkers.
4)Publicize your event: Now you have listed out your potential attendees, it’s time to market for them. Social Media is the best tool for small event organizers. In our previous blog,Effective ways to generate killer social media buzz we had mentioned about the best ways to create the social media buzz of your event. Engage your attendees effectively on your social media pages.
An Expert Tip:If you are an yearly event organizer, always maintain one facebook page. We have observed that some event organizer make a new page every for example summit’11, summit’12 and so on. The problem with that is you will have to start from “0” likes every year. Instead of that have a single page. Similarly try to have a single hashtag on twitter for all the events.

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