How to Select the Best Ticketing Tool for your event

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Recent times have seen an evolved, modern and convenient system to organize and execute events. The most tedious and time consuming ticketing system is now only a few clicks away, thanks to the various ticketing tools available that simplify an event organizers job.

Ticketing is one of the prime aspects of an event because that is what brings the money and the profits for the event organizer. Some event planners still use the traditional ticketing method that do not comply with the needs of the present market.

A ticketing tool is a software which provides solutions for managing the ticketing, one of the most integral part of an event. It helps the event organizer reach a wider audience, manage attendees at the event and even keep a track of ticket sales with just with a few clicks. In simple words a ticketing tool eases all ticketing worries of an event organizer.

To ensure that you choose an appropriate and hassle free tool with features that can ease your ticketing troubles you need to keep a few pointers in check. Listed below is a list of few such pointers that can help you decide which ticketing tool to choose for your event.

  • When choosing a ticketing tool, pricing of the tool matters the most but only at the face value. An organizer should ideally look for a tool that offers value for money. A low cost ticketing tool that has no useful features would only add to your ticketing troubles. It is advisable to select a tool that makes your job more manageable and relatively effortless.
  • You must also compare the features and pricing details of the ticketing tools available online. This will help you choose the one that suits your requirement the most. This will ensure you pay only for the services you need and save the cost of the ones you don’t, remember money saved is money earned.
  • No one likes a tedious signup process. It is obvious that you will like to choose one that saves your time and effort and does not spam you after receiving your contact details.
  • Easy registration helps a lot in simplifying the ticketing process making it quick. An efficient ticketing tool will be equipped with a user friendly interface that will help you create different categories of tickets like early bird, VIP etc. with ease.
  • A grey grim ticketing page is not a very welcome site, a ticketing tool that allows customization could be helpful here. Look for tool that lets you add details about your event, organizers profile, event cover page, relevant images and more to give a proper look to your event ticket.
  • Payments system should be trust-worthy, easy and secure. A tool that accepts all modes of payments like, net-banking, credit and debit cards and wallets is preferable. A constricted payment system may only end up lowering the sales and number of attendees at your events.
  • It is raining discounts everywhere, so why not at events? A ticketing tool that enables you to offer discounts and coupon codes to your targeted audience helps gain more traction to you event and would affect the number of registrations positively.
  • In the unfortunate case of cancellation or rescheduling of the event the organizers would have to go through the painful process of refunding the ticket amount. You might want to consider this refunding feature while choosing the ticketing tool for your event.
  • Select a tool that has a ticketing dashboard, it will help your keep a track of all the attendees, registrations as well as the revenue your event is generating for you.
  • The tool you choose will have a ticketing software that will collect payments on your behalf and then credit them into your account after deducting their fees for the same. Look for one that does not take too long to do so. A tool that adds your sales revenue to your bank account on a daily basis will give you the freedom to leverage more cash flow.
  • Publicity always helps. Social media can really help create a buzz about your event. A socially shareable event page would help the event create a buzz word on social media platforms and push the pedal. This might help your event get more registrations and rake in the mullah for you.
  • If you are a newbie to the events biz you might need some help with all this. Look for a ticketing tool that is backed with efficient and accessible customer service. Given the erratic work schedules of the event organizers, a 24/7 helpline would come in handy whenever needed.

There are so many ticketing tools out there, looking for the ideal one with all these features could be a mammoth task. On the other hand, if you consider all these points while looking for a ticketing tool, it will certainly make your job easy and ensure efficient execution of the event.

Townscript can help you here. Townscript is a one stop ticketing solution that has all these and many more features to help you get through the ticketing part of your event like a cakewalk. Do take a look at Townscript and let us know what you think about it in the comments box below.

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