How to Sell Event Tickets Online in Indonesia

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Indonesia has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world with a GDP growth rate of 5% annually. As the economy is growing at a high rate, the growing income of middle class has led to the growth of event industry in Indonesia.

From club events in Bali to MICE events in Jakarta, the country is seeing some of the best events in the world happening there.

Recently, Ketty Perry Concert, Paramore & Sensation white concert were a huge success in Jakarta. As per the report by CPI, a renowned MICE services company based out of Indonesia, there has been an aggressive interest taken by Indonesian government to improve the event industry of Indonesia.

With the increase in number of different events like Conferences, meetings, startup events, marathons and musical events happening in Indonesia specially in major cities like Jakarta & Bali, there has been a sudden rise of small & medium scale event entrepreneurs.

While we at Townscript have been in touch with a number of event entrepreneurs based in Indonesia, we realized that there has been a strong need of a self serve event registrations & ticketing platform in Indonesia. Though there are few ticketing platforms already operating in Indonesia but they aren’t self serve / DIY and serve only the need of small set of events and require lot of manual work to setup.

With an aim to provide a self serve platform in Indonesia, Townscript launched its platform in Indonesia around half a year back by integrating with local payment gateways which support Credit/Debit card and Bank transfers. The response has been great.

Here’s why you should prefer a Self Serve DIY event ticketing platform over a traditional ticketing platform :

As mentioned earlier there are two types of Online platforms available where you can register your event & sell tickets. They are DIY (Do It Yourself) & Non DIY platforms. The major differences between both the platforms are given below:

So, basically a DIY platform provides you a free hand to design, create, manage & sell tickets online, however you prefer. There is no time & money commitment as creating & registering you event on the platform is for free & you are charged a small transaction fee only when a ticket sale happens.


Here are few benefits of a DIY/Self Serve event ticketing platform:
  • Instant setup with easy to use Dashboard:  You can sign up on the website and setup your registration page instantly without any hassle.
  • Everything is in your control: You are able to edit any info related to your event, as and when you like. From creating your event to setting up the types of tickets you want to sell, you are able to do everything on your own instantly.
  • Comprehensive Attendee Form & multiple tickets: You are able setup your attendee registration form yourself having the option to ask as many questions you want to know more about your attendees and serve them in a better way. Also, you can create any number of tickets like VIP tickets, Student tickerts with differential pricing, etc.
  • Extensive Discounts & other important features like ticket transfers, cancellations, refunds:  You can offer multiple types of discounts on all your ticket types e.g. Early bird, Group Discount, Discount Code etc. You can decide the amount of discount and also the time for which they will be valid.Apart from that, you can make refunds, cancellations, transfers in just a single click from your dashboard
    • Real Time access to your attendee data: Accessing your event attendee data is easy and quick. With the DIY ticketing solution, you have access to real-time data to answer all the following questions: Who all have bought your event tickets? Which type of tickets are selling the best? When did the maximum sales happen?

  • Engaging with your registered attendees: You can communicate with your attendees by sending them announcements via emails. If you are using a DIY platform, you don’t need to first download the attendee list and then use an bulk emailing software separately to communicate with your attendees.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: You can analyse the trend of ticket sales for your event using real-time data and also keep track on the number of page views. Also, a great DIY platform provides you the data to check the source from which you are getting the traffic directed to your page.
  • Event Check-in & Tracking sales via App: You can track your real-time sales via a mobile app itself and also track your attendees who have already checked-in at the event by scanning a QR code on the ticket mail via a Mobile App itself. Conclusion :
    With the growing event industry, there has been a rise in number of small and medium scale events in Indonesia. To successfully carter to the ticketing and payment gateway needs of all such events, we believe that there is a strong need for a self serve event registration & ticketing platform in Indonesia to solve end to end needs of the event managers.