How to Sell Event Tickets Online

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how to sell event tickets online

When you plan to organize an event, one of the most important things is your event’s ticketing.

Having the right platform for your online event ticketing and promotions is really important.

The days have changed. We are all always trying to save as much time as possible in little tasks and this is the reason, innovation is at the boom. And exactly this is why when it comes to events, people have moved online to buy tickets to their favourite events. Giving your audience a nice registration experience is no doubt a must.

So, how to judge the right event registration system for your event?

Criteria for selecting your right event ticketing partner:

A) Robust Event Ticketing Platform with higher success rate:

Having a robust event registration platform as your partner is really important. There shouldn’t be ticket sales failures. It might lead to a big loss to your event if there are failures.

And at the last moment, it becomes impossible to change your partner.

Along with the offers and features that it is providing you, check on their previous customers. The point is they should not have a bad history of any kind of failure when it comes to event ticketing.

If the product fails to deliver at the time of high traffic on your event ticketing page, you might lose on few potential ticket buyers.

B) Prompt, Professional and Experienced Customer Service:

There will be times when your ticket sales take a high, specially on the day you launch your early bird tickets or one week prior to the event date. At those times, you might expect a little glitches here and there and a prompt customer service is something that will back you up. The service provided by your ticketing partner should be able to reply within 15 minutes of your query and always available when you need them, day or night, 24×7.

C) Use a Self serve event ticketing platform (Do It Yourself)

We wouldn’t recommend going for a dependent ticketing platform where you have to mail them about your event and they put your info online with a buy ticket button on that page. If you have to change even a minute detail, you have to be dependent on the service and wait for them to make the changes. Wouldn’t it be better if you controlled your event page yourself? That’s what I recommend. Go for a solution which gives you a full control over your event online. That is Do-it-yourself Ticketing platform, self served.

What is a good Do It Yourself ticketing platform?

Obviously the one that serves all your requirements for selling tickets online. But do you really know what should they offer you? There are a whole lot of features that you should get with your ticketing partner.

  • Everything should be under your control: You should be able to edit all your info yourself as and when you like. From creating your event to setting up types of tickets you want to sell, you should be able to do everything on your own instantly.
  • No coding required and instant setup: You do not want to waste time in getting into the codes of your website/event ticketing page to integrate your tickets. The solution should take care of everything. WSIWYG – What you See is what you get. The setup process of your event page should be instant and simple.
  • Your registration process should be hassle-free: You could loose on a lot of quality buyers for your event tickets if your event registration/ticket buying experience is not smooth. The number of steps from coming to your event page to receiving their tickets should be as less and as easy as possible. Your attendee should be able to pay for your tickets in one easy transaction process.
    You should set up your attendee registration form yourself, ask your own questions to them when they are buying your ticket so that you know your attendees better. Offer them discounts and options for multiple types of tickets priced differently.
  • Extensive Discount features: Everyone feels special with discounts on their stuff.  With your ticketing solution, you should be able to offer multiple types of discounts on all your ticket types e.g. Early bird, VIP access, etc. You should be able to control your ticket prices yourself.
  • Real time access to attendee data: Accessing your event attendee data should be easy and quick. Your ticketing solution should answer all these questions: Who all have bought your event tickets? What are their details? Which type of tickets have they bought? When did they buy them?
    With a good solution, you can log in to your event at anytime and check your list and ticket sales revenue upfront.
  • Engaging with your registered attendees: You should be able to communicate with your event attendees directly from your event ticketing platform itself, send them announcements and notify them about your event updates. If need be, transfer the tickets from one person to another on their request and if there is a cancellation, you should be able to refund them in a single click without having to manually managing all this.
  • Ticket Sales Revenue: You wouldn’t want to wait for your ticket sales revenue to reflect in your bank account after the event is over, wouldn’t you need that money to invest in your event preparations? A good ticketing solution should clear your ticket sales account as fast as possible. Go for a solution that gives you fastest money clearance.

D) Aid in Event Promotions:

We all know event marketing and promotions are one heck of a job. It only helps you a little more if your event ticketing solution also helps you in promoting your event to the right target audience. There are two things:

  • SEO Optimized Event Page: The event page you created should reach out to those searching for an event like you on search engines online. A good ticketing solution should make sure your event shows up on google search every time a prospect searches for your key terms.
  • Promotion of your event through their own marketing channels: Not only should they enlist you on their event discovery page, they should also talk about your event in their own community to spread the word among event enthusiasts. Usually, event ticketing platforms have a subscriber base of their own and when they share your event with them, your event gets a little extra push for ticket sales.

Now that you know what all you should look for in an event ticketing solution, we hope you will select your right partner. Happy event organizing! 🙂

What are the things that you look for in your ideal ticketing partner? Please let us know in the comments.

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  1. Anuj Kumar

    We want to sell our event ticket/passes in your platform. The Event is absolutely free i.e no charges for

    event tickets/passes. So what is the procedure to do that and how much you charges for that?

  2. ZenTix

    As we know that today’s time, everyone prefers to buy tickets online. So, to sell your tickets online, there should be right ticketing platform on your mobile phone or tablet to give your customers the best experience with you.

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