How to sell Event Tickets Using Paypal on Townscript

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PayPal is an easy way to manage your payments online. It’s safe and secure and is used by millions of users globally. It is simple and most importantly extremely secure. Your card details are protected from other users as well as PayPal itself.

Why use PayPal to sell event tickets for Townscript?

– For one, Paypal allows you to access these funds prior to your event, allowing you to use ticketing revenue as a way to secure acts, staffing and venue hire. Secondly, it is international, so people from around the world can make their ticket payments using PayPal.

– When you connect your Paypal business account to Townscript, every sale you process is sent directly to your Paypal account allowing you to manage refunds, discounts or additional fees all within the Townscript platform while ensuring that processing remains instantaneous and secure.

You can create an event on Townscript from any part of the world and use Paypal’s payment gateway for ticketing on Townscript. You just need a business / premium account on Paypal.

– Townscript provides a platform to easily manage your ticket sales and payments. The proceeds are divided between Townscript and you automatically, with Townscript getting 1.99% ticket price + $0.99 per ticket.

– Having a PayPal account isn’t required by your customers to make their payments. They have other standard options like using cards or through their bank details.

Now that you know what PayPal is and why it is so awesome, the first thing to do is setting up an account on PayPal. It’s simple and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.


  • Go to
  • Click on Sign Up
  • Select business accountScreenshot (1)
  • Fill up the required details and you’re set to go

Screenshot (2)Screenshot (3)



Next, you need to enable PayPal transaction on your event on Townscript.  That is a simple, 2 minute process.

    • Login with your ID on
    • Go to your dashboard and select the event for which you want to enable PayPal payments
    • Go to the settings tab

Enabling paypal on TownscriptEnabling paypal on Townscript

    • Toggle ON the ‘PayPal payments’ tab and fill in your PayPal email ID
Using Paypal on Townscript

Using Paypal on Townscript

  • That’s all folks. To check if it is working, go to your event’s registration link, click on Book Now. Fill in you’re the type and number of tickets needed. While checking out you will now be able to see an option for ‘PayPal Payment’





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