How to Sell Your Concert Tickets

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Sell Your Concert Tickets

How to Sell Your Concert Tickets

Are you planning to organize a concert as your next event? If your answer is yes you would definitely want to read through this one… Concerts are trending big time, more and more event managers are coming up with concerts on a huge scale and making their mark in the events industry.

Success of a concert is measured by the foot-fall at the event and the profits it gathers. Profit comes majorly from sponsors and the sale of tickets. If experts are to be believed the success of a concert event is interlinked with a lot of factors. We at Townscript are here to help you with a few pointers to ensure that your next concert event is a huge success… for now just read on, you can thank us later.

  • Plan your concert well in advance. Choose a right date and an appropriate venue for your event. Ensure that your event does not coincide with other similar events on the same day so that your number of attendees do not split.
  • The artist/singer that you plan to invite for the concert is of prime importance, check for his/her available dates and the dates that you wish to execute your event on.
  • The success of any concert depends on the artist who is supposed to perform. You could organize a concert with multiple artists or with one popular celebrity as per your wish or convenience.
  • The more the popularity of the artist more are chances of your event tickets being sold in a flash.
  • With a popular artist it is easier to convince the sponsors to invest their money in your event and vice versa, if you have sponsorship from good brands a top celebrity will easily agree to perform at your event.
  • Once you are done with working out the basics like artist, sponsors, venue, date and infrastructural arrangements, it’s time to market and popularize your event.
  • Invite the who’s who of your town as guests to add charm to your event.
  • Announce contests that you plan to run at the concert along with the prizes like 3 lucky winners get to meet the artist/singer on stage or a winner get a free upgrade or autographed goodies for the chosen attendees.
  • Social media can be a handy helper in making your event popular.
  • Make a Facebook event page and invite friends to it. Push the event by sending guest invites to relevant people in your network with a considerable fan following. Post the ticketing link on the Facebook page.
  • Tweet about your event and make sure you put in the right hashtags with name of artist, city of event and type of music/popular song.
  • Partner with a ticketing website that adds value to your event and helps market it too. Townscript can help you market and manage your event in the simplest possible way. It will also help you mange ticketing and attendees and more.
  • With Townscript you can have different categories of tickets like Super Early Bird, Early Bird, Regular and Late Bird. Having such category of tickets will ensure speedy ticket sales and the money earned can be used as working capital to organize the event.
  • You can even push ads of the event on various social networking sites.
  • Have enough technical staff and organizing team mates to help you through the event to avoid any glitches.

If you have planned a good event, with a popular artist, got the right sponsors, marketed the event well and are selling ticketing from a trustworthy and safe ticketing website you can rest assured that your event would turn out to be successful.

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