7 Interesting things to know before you organize your TEDx event

Akash KumarEvent Management

What is TEDx?

TEDx is a celebration of unique thoughts and path-breaking stories, stories which have the power to make a difference to the people and the society. It is a social gathering which brings together people sharing common interest from various communities. They do it via live TED talks, showcasing video recording of similar interests etc. It is not an industry or marketing conference which is organized under political, spiritual interest or for raising money for charity/ organization.

How can your application be unique?

For millions of people across the globe who apply to TEDx for organizing their event, 10 applicants qualify. In order to be in the top 10, your proposal requires special interest & power. But before you even start with the application, you should be well aware of your interest & motto behind the event. Below listed are the few Don’t’s you should consider before applying.

1. Do’s and Don’t’s before starting the promotion

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  • TEDx does not help in your brand promotion. It never allows your brand logo to be attached to TEDx logo.
  • The event name is as well registered as “TEDx(Event name)

2. The rights of a TEDx Licensee.

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  • The organizer of the event is always the primary TEDx Licensee. TEDx holds the right to revoke the event if the later is found guilty of not holding the license.
  • If you hold a TEDx license & do not wish you to renew it, then you can only transfer to another TEDx licensee

3. How to decide itinerary for your event

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  • The event consists of talks by eminent speakers. Each talk has an upper cap of 18 minutes.
  • While deciding the itinerary for the event, you must always consider a buffer to showcase TEDx introduction & prerecorded live talks. Ideally, for longer events, 25% of the duration is given to TEDx prerecorded talks.

4. What privileges would the Speakers for your event have

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  • TEDx staff does not help in identifying & securing speakers for your event
  • You as well cannot choose the sponsorer to be your speaker
  • A speaker waiver is issued ensuring rights to TEDx to have a copyright and edit the speaker’s presentation based on TEDx standards
  • Speakers are not allowed to promote their own brands or products during the presentation. Exception lies if they are invited for a specific product demo
  • Speakers are allowed to sign their books at the event but they cannot sell their books at the event

5. How getting sponsorship for your event can be a little difficult

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  • The event organizer cannot use other crowdfunding platforms like IndieGoGo, Kickstarter etc to raise money for their TEDx event
  • Sponsor logo can be shown in the first slide of presentation and at the end of each video ensuring its maximum length till 3 seconds
  • Only TEDx branded products can be displayed at the event counter

6. How to address your website domain name

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  • The URL for your event requires the TEDx name in it. For eg, an event URL can be named as TEDxeventname.com, TEDxNagpur, TEDxSirifort etc.
  • It thus makes sense to purchase the domain name for your website only after you attain the Tedx license

7. How should the after event promotion strategy for your event be

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  • Sponsors logo is not all allowed for the social media promotions like facebook, twitter page etc. Only TEDx logo holds valid for all the promotions. However, as an exception in email campaigning, you are allowed to promote the sponsor
  • All the press releases are routed after & only the TEDx approval. And, as stated above, everywhere TEDx image holds valid for the promotions