Interview with Satish Talim, Organiser of Gophercon India

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We have started an interview series with our customers who have been a great success in their industry. The aim of this interview series is to share their experience with Townscript and make it educative for upcoming Event Managers. This interview series will be published twice a month on alternate Fridays.

Today we are having an interview with Satish Talim, one of the main Organisers of Gophercon India, Deccan Ruby Conf India, Ruby Conf India and DevOpsDays India. They have been regularly using Townscript for all of their events. All of the above mentioned events are one of the most popular tech conferences in the country. Today, we are going to ask him few important questions regarding event management and also learn about his experience using Townscript.

Please tell us more about your events that you organise and what has been your aim to organise those events.

Satish Talim: Five of us have formed the not-for-profit Emerging Technology Trust (ETT) which organizes all-India conferences like DeccanRuby Conference, DevOpsDays India, GopherConIndia and RubyConfIndia. All five are software professionals having their own startups. The purpose of organizing these conferences is community building and bringing the latest in that field to the tech community in India.

Could you please tell us more about your new initiative Gophercon India conference which has got a great response from tech community?

Satish Talim: Satish Talim Gophercon IndiaGo was initially developed at Google in 2007 and became a public open source project on November 10, 2009. Many people from the community have contributed ideas, discussions, and code. I had been dabbling in the Go programming language since 2013 as I felt then that in the years to come there would be many job opportunities in India for Go.

Last year I attended the world’s first-ever Go programming conference (GopherCon) in Denver, USA. This was attended by over 700 software developers from all across the globe. At this conference I had the opportunity to meet the core Go contributors and many other Go developers. I decided then to organize India’s first-ever Go conference (GopherConIndia) and the response to this conference in Feb. 2015 was overwhelming. Go is here to stay!

Where do you see your event initiative Gophercon after 3 years?

Satish Talim: Go adoption is growing by leaps and bounds and every GopherConIndia would have more attendees and some awesome speakers. I am helping the organizers of GopherCon Dubai 2016 and I am sure that many more conferences will come up in the days to come.

What are two things which you like the most about Townscript’s Event Ticketing Platform?

Satish Talim: It is very easy to create an Event Ticketing Page and operate the same in Townscript. They are very receptive to suggestions and sincerely try and implement them. Their customer support is quick and the experience is satisfying.

Where do you think Townscript can be better?

Satish Talim: We have a counter button that I can add to my site that shows registration numbers as people register.

What is the one marketing tip which you would want to share with upcoming event managers?

Satish Talim: Tap into your past attendees, highlight their testimonies to showcase how worthwhile your conference or event is to attend.

Thank You Satish for your time, we look forward to learn more from you.

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