Introducing Organizer App: Now Manage Events On-the-Go!

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So, Does it get really cumbersome to log on to your laptops/PCs and then put in your login details and check for event analytics and the number of tickets sold for your event?

If your answer was a yes! We’ve got a really big treat for event organizers.

Launching the Townscript Organizer App which would bridge the gap between you and your event. The app has been made for the Android Platform, it will soon be available on the Google Play store.

Let’s see what this app has to offer in terms of event management.

01. Attendee Check-Ins On-The-Go

The most important use of this app that allows you to reduce your event check-in by about 100%. No more downloading huge spreadsheets and searching for attendee names. If your attendee strength is more than a thousand, it gets really difficult to manage using spreadsheets (Excel Sheets). What’s the point of buying tickets online if people have to wait in those long queues anyway. The app has an in-built check-in system, where an attendee comes with a hard copy of the ticket with the QR code on it, you can scan the QR code using the app and the attendee is checked in.
Hate those long queues at the registration desk? Now check-in attendees right from your app. Scan the QR Code on the ticket and the attendee is checked-in.Thus reducing event check-in time by 100%.
Simple, right?

02. Cancellations and Refunds On-The-Go

Now refund or cancel a ticket/attendee right from your app.
Refunds and Cancellations processed in a single touch.
No more worries.


03. Live Tracking of Event Ticket Sales

Now track your total registrations, net earnings and percentage wise statistics of your event from your app.
Also know about the amount to be transferred from/to Townscript in the same analytics tab
Isn’t this hassle free?



04. Push Notifications On-The-Go

Now get notifications when a ticket sale happens
Get daily statistics of your event ticket sales
Stay updated about your event always
Event Management got easier, no?


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