Earn your event pride with right Marathon Sponsorship ideas & approach! Sharing list of sponsors in India just for you

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Run is on the go! With more runs are more participants! With more participants you need more money! Finally when it comes to money you need sponsors! Such a vicious circle, Phew… But thanks to these running events also majorly known as “The Marathon Events” all the small cities are now uniting with the metro cities for various promotions such as health awareness, social causes etc. Marathon is now becoming a single huge platform to attend to all of these causes in one single go. Such a huge time & money saviour!

Now the question is how & when to approach the sponsors. Should you approach them before selling your event tickets or after you have sold your event tickets? Well! to answer this question is equivalent to asking :

chicken & egg

Confused? Let’s make it simple

a) For investing money any sponsor always wants your audience reach/ participants/ runners. If you have sold your event tickets before approaching them then you have a quantifiable measure to showcase them.

b) Likewise if the sponsor has trust in you for getting the audience reach he/she expects then you can approach them before selling the tickets. Attention please! this trust depends on your brand whether you have build it as an individual & have lot of fan followers or as a successful marathon event organiser.

Latest trend & behaviour pattern of Marathon Sponsors

trends & behaviour

Once we are settled with the best approachable time to get sponsors, let’s now check the current trend & behaviour patterns of sponsors who are known to invest frequently in almost all the major marathon events. Few of them is listed below for your reference..

a) Popular cities right now organising marathon events are Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore & Delhi.

b) All the marathon organisers requires require the IAAF AIMS certification before hosting the event.

c) This is the only event in which as “Title Sponsors” the brand gets the authority to have the event name registered as their brand name, for e.g. Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, IDBI federal Life Insurance Mumbai Marathon etc.

Strategies to approach sponsors/ partners


Sponsors/ partners – Pan India basis

The end customers/users of the marathon event are runners. So let’s start thinking on what would the runners require during the Marathon? Energy drink, water, pain relief spray, sports out fit; few that we can think of. Accordingly it amazed us to find out that  Partners/ Sponsors that associate on Pan India basis for Marathon events are the brands that serve the above needs & purposes. Detailed list is shown below:

Sponsors/ partners – Region Specific

Another strategy is to approach sponsors/ partners region specific. At first identify the route of Marathon. Then identify the hotels, hospitals, fitness gyms & charity organizations near by the route. These brands shall sponsor easily as the marathon event in their area will give them maximum audience reach & thus help in their brand promotion;


We hope this article has been useful to you in finding the right sponsors for your marathon event. All the very best for your upcoming event!