List of Timing System Providers For Marathons in India

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Are you a Marathon organizer or runner? If yes, then this post will surely interest you. Organizing a Marathon involves huge planning majorly due to the number of runners involved. The time, effort and commitment involved in organizing a successful marathon are massive.

The most crucial aspect of a marathon is recording the timing of each runner. The timings measured and recording must be absolutely genuine and accurate to ascertain the winners in each category.

Marathon Timing systems providers usually involve

  • Infrastructural setup and timing points
  • Distribution of timing chips to participants
  • Timekeeping during the race
  • Processing and distributing results.

Listed below are reliable timing systems that can be used to record Marathon results

1. Tez Timing Services :

Tez Timing is the leading timing provider using the MyLaps hardware technology which is used in marathons like Boston Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Kuala Lumpur Marathon, Iron Man and many more.

After serving some really good number of marathons. Tez Timing pricing is competitive and they are doing a great work in providing quality services. Phone number : +91-8826721273

2. Timing Technologies

Timing Technologies if the first company of Indian origin to use RFID technology to time runners. They offer timekeeping services for 10K runs, Half Marathons, Marathons, Duathlons, and Triathlons.  Apart from marathons they also offer timekeeping services for running, swimming, cycling, car and bike, kart, and skate races in the Indian sub-continent. Timing technologies have successfully timed more than a million participants in various races, and marathons across India.

3. RP Sports

RP Sports is a leading provider of high-quality professional sports timing services with a mission to enhance the experience of athletes and organizers of endurance events, like of running, cycling, motor racing, duathlon and triathlon events happening in INDIA and South Asia. They are well equipped to offer state of the art timing services and equipment for all type of races from 100 to 50,000 participants.

4. Alpha Timing

Alpha Timing also offers modern timing services, equipment, and management for all levels of competitions. Their history dates back to 1990 when they started working with youth running and athletic clubs and associations, this makes them veterans of the trade.

5. Runizen

Runizen was designed to be a trustworthy and economical race timing solution for small/medium size race/cycling events. Runizen uses the time-tested the efficacy of RIFD technology in order to time the runners. Runizen team comprises of passionate runners for whom it’s not a mere technology but a system they have built to facilitate the requirements of small/medium size events. To name a few, Airtel Delhi and Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathons are amongst those who accredit Runizen timing for qualifying runners.

These are the some of the most popular timing systems used by the many popular races, we suggest marathon planners pick a timing system that suits their needs.

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