Looking for Your Big Break in Event Management? Take Cues from the Most Successful Events

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There is no denying that event management is one of the most lucrative professions in modern times. As the world becomes global there is need for people to meet regularly in events ranging from fundraisers, galas, parties, sport’s events, roundtables to product launches. 

Event Marketing 

However your event’s success is only as good as the marketing blitz that goes into it. You have seen events that are glamorous but because no one hyped them they fail to attract enough people. To veer clear off such situations you need to learn from the most successful events in our lifetime. 

Avoiding Event Organizing Pitfalls 

The importance of learning from history cannot be gainsaid and greats from Cicero to George Santayana emphasized the same thing in their time.  As an event organizer you do not exist in a vacuum and in most cases you have to borrow ideas from other gurus. 

Here is a look at some notable events that you can customize to fit your clients’ needs:

Sydney 2000 Olympics

It is no wonder the media including London The Timesdared readers to suggest an event that had ever been so successful in the history of mankind. It all goes back to planning because since winning the bid back in 1993 the machines started grinding.

The preparation team led by Jacques Rogge and thousands of volunteers and workers worked harmoniously to give the world the greatest Olympics ever. As an event organizer the uniqueness and glamour that accompanied this event must be inculcated in your mind. It all boils down to preparation and teamwork.

Sundance Film Festival- Utah, USA

Whether you love film or not you must have come across this event especially in seminars examining the best organized events. It featured over 50,000 attendees to screen and watch American movies and documentaries from independent producers. The glitz and organization seen during the event makes any aspiring event marketer sit back and watch.

Oktoberfest in Munich

This is the most popular beer festival in the world that takes place between end of September and beginning of October in Munich every year. It offers immense fun for everyone but for the event organizer in you look at the creativity in designing activities around the festival. There is everything for everyone.

International Jazz Festival in Montreal Canada

So much smooth music, so much glamour in Montreal. With over 500 concerts featuring more than 2,500 artists this event in late June draws visitors from the world over. 

Surprisingly year in year out the event manages to offer well-choreographed activities because preparations for the next event start once the current festival ends. 

International Film Festival at Cannes, France

When Naomi Campbell was hosting a birthday party this year it was held in Cannes. This is because of the glamour that oozes from this city. The film festival is the highlight around May redefines what is good in movies. 

There are myriad more events that show the essence of events management including the Light the Night Walk against Leukemia, South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Burning Man Festival in Nevada among many others. 

The most intriguing aspect of all these events is the event marketing energy that is used to make them a success. These events host thousands of visitors and challenges are myriad yet each year they work creatively to overcome them. 

It is all about resilience, innovation and creativity and the question is do you have it? 

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