Now Sell Event Tickets Internationally in 27+ Countries with Townscript

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Townscript goes Global! Now Sell Tickets Internationally with Townscript!

We are excited to introduce our latest upgrade offering international payment support and enabling you to host events and sell tickets internationally in 27+ countries and over 100+ currencies.

Townscript has successfully on-boarded over 17000+ organizers since its beginning in 2014. We have provided organizers a platform to grow sell event tickets for more than 73000+ events combined in India, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore & Dubai.  Now, with an aim to provide this self-serve platform for organizers throughout the world, Townscript has been upgraded by integrating it with various payment gateways which support international transactions.

What’s New With Townscript?

We chose to integrate with the leading international payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal, PayU & Midtrans to provide to our organizers a hassle-free DIY platform to sell their event tickets internationally and boost their ticket sales even higher. We have made sure that the transaction process for a customer booking tickets online is as easy as possible and guarantee a 95%+ transaction success rate to ensure the best customer experience.

Sell Tickets Internationally: Now sell event tickets online to attendees from over 27+ countries on Townscript using our international payment support.

Sell Tickets in Multiple Currencies: Over 100+ currencies supported by Townscript enabling you to sell tickets in any one or multiple currencies as suited to your targeted users.

No Currency Conversion Hassle: Receive funds in the same currency as accepted by your bank account, despite of the currency in which ticket sales are set.

95%+ Transaction Success Rate: We guarantee a success rate of over 95%+ for all international transactions in the supported currencies.

Timely Payouts Directly to your Bank Account: All funds collected from the ticket sales are automatically transferred to your bank account directly, on regular basis.

Hassle Free, Quick & Instant Payments: Just create an event, choose the ticket currency and set the price and start selling your tickets to international attendees.

Free Refunds & Cancellations: Easily initiate and process the refund to your attendees for any ticket cancellation, transfer etc.

The Highest Level of Security: Our payment gateway providers are PCI Level 1-compliant service-the highest level of certification, ensuring safest money transactions.

Honest Prices, No Surprises: Lowest payment gateway fees and currency conversion fees charged.

Organizer: How Townscript works for your country?

Townscript is a quick & easy DIY (Do It Yourself) ticketing platform which lets you can create your event within minutes & start with tickets sales in just a few clicks. Now, with the successful upgradation, you can remotely sell your event tickets globally from any part of the world & accept payments in multiple currencies. Sounds good, right? But exactly how does Townscript works for organizers from your country?

Check out the simple process flow below!

how does Townscript works for organizers from your country

Various countries supported by Townscript are as follows:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, India, and Indonesia.

For accessing the step-by-step detailed guide on how to set up an event and start ticket online on Townscript for organizers from your country, Click Here.



If an Australian organizer holding an Australian bank account wants to host a conference in Singapore with attendees coming from all over the world and desires a common ticketing platform for ticket sales and management, Townscript provides the one stop solution for all his requirements. Using Townscript he can:

  1. Sell tickets in AUD for local attendees & accept payments in AUD itself.
  2. Create and sell tickets in other currencies like USD, Singapore Dollar, etc. for overseas attendees depending upon their countries respectively.
  3. Despite of the currency in which the transactions occur, all the funds collected from the ticket sales will be transferred directly to the organizer’s bank account in AUD itself, as accepted  by his bank. No currency conversion hassle involved.

With the growing international event industry, Townscript constantly works to successfully carter to the ticketing and payment gateway needs of all such events, hence allowing the organizers to focus on other event tasks and grow their event into a hit.

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