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2018 is already knocking at our doors. Are you ready???

New Year is one ultimate celebration, where we go beyond the region, religion, and race; and, come together to revel in this event with boundless pomp and enthusiasm.

Last New Year was phenomenal for Townscript. We did help over hundreds of event organizers across all the major cities of India push their events successfully.

This year, we are determined to go beyond and better!

Through the year (2017) we have improved upon our frameworks and work processes along with various technical aspects.

We aim to make the entire registration process much efficient and hassle-free for event organizers and super straightforward for the attendees.

With that, here you go with the 5 primary reasons why you must choose Townscript for launching your New Year event this season:

1) More attractive and informative event pages along with real-time sales support, customer support, and on-request payouts.

Organizing an event from day zero until you bid a, ‘see you again sooner’ to your attendees involves a plethora of work. Therefore, we made sure that creating your event at Townscript is a walkover for you.

Above and beyond, receiving payouts is even more stress-free. You just have to set the desired date and time, and we will send your money right then.

Event pages are brighter and more attractive with all the critical information positioned in a way that it is easy-to-spot by the viewers.

Going forward, we are providing a real-time sales support to all our event organizers. When you partner with Townscript, ‘Sold Out’ is not only your target but ours too.

We take pride in our 24*7 customer support team that is ever-ready to help you and your attendees with compassion, patience, and detail. If you want to try someone’s patience, give us a try! Our heroes will first win your cause and then your trust.

2) Enhance your reach through search engines with our duly optimized event pages and other marketing tools.

We have given special emphasis to search engine optimization this year. Each of your event pages is automatically optimized for search engine crawlers.

That means, your event page on Townscript will get duly indexed by the search engines like Google and Bing. It will give your event page an organic visibility, and it will robotically reach to people who are indeed searching for things like that.

Nonetheless, our platform is responsive to all kinds of devices. Therefore, if your audience is looking at your Townscript event page on a smartphone, tab, desktop, or laptop, there will be no compromise in the user experience.

We are also happy to curate customized marketing plans for your event. Our marketing experts will help you promote your event on social media and search engines. Better reach eventually results in higher conversion!

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3) Effectively manage and communicate with your attendees

Through our platform, you can push emails, announcements, and autoresponders to all your attendees and stay connected with your guests.

We will also provide you with the real-time registration data. Using that you can decide on further strategies like pushing BOGO offers and other offers like last 100 tickets remaining, 50% off when you register between 11:00 to 11:11 PM, etc.

Nonetheless, you can also send them general information regarding any competition happening during the event, celebrity presence, the dress code, or any other terms for attending the events. The idea is to engage your attendees in a way that they turn into your brand ambassadors and loyal attendees for all the future events.

4) On-ground registration and fast Check-in support

More often than not, you will have an audience looking for registration at the gate right before your event is about to begin. And, if the crowd waiting outside is a little bigger, it ought to get a bit chaotic.

Do not worry! For, we have got you covered there. We offer on-ground registration for those last minute attendees. Moreover, we also keep their essential details like payment method, etc. saved with us for your future reference.

Townscript allows fast check-in support to the organizers. Using our app, you can readily scan the barcode or QR code, you can seamlessly tackle fast check-in for bigger crowds.

5) Because we are the go-to platform for some of the most sought-after events of India

You have all the reasons to trust us for we have managed some of the most popular and coveted events in India. Here they are, Pune Oktoberfest 2017, Beer and Wine Festival, Swift Devils Circuit 2017, Maruti Suzuki Delhi Comi-Con 2017, All About Music

It is your turn now to become one of the rock star events of India. Townscript would be delighted to be your registration partner.

Create your event today than tomorrow!

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