9 Things to Check for Promoting your event in India

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promoting your event in india

Are you promoting your event in India? Does event marketing confuse you?

Marketing and Promotion for your event plays a very crucial role in your event’s success. Even after a lot of planning and execution, there are things that you might miss during implementation.

This article will help you check on your basic event marketing. Please make sure all the steps mentioned below are done properly for successfully marketing your event.

1. Creating an event page on Facebook:

Make sure your event has a dedicated Facebook Event Page. It is useful because not just you but even your guests can invite their friend list to your event. Put in all the information about your event on that page and include a link to get tickets online.

How to create event on Facebook:

  1. Click Events in the left menu of your News Feed.
  2. Click Create in the top right.
  3. Click Create Private Event in the top-left to choose a privacy setting. Keep in mind that you’re not able to change the event’s privacy setting once you’ve created the event.
  4. Fill in the event name, details, location and time. Keep in mind that you must include an event name and time.
  5. Click Create.

You’ll be taken to your event where you can invite guests, upload photos, share posts and edit event details.

2. Place your event on google map:

Placing your event on the google map makes it easier for your attendees to locate you. You can create your event page on Google+ and invite your guests there.

Create and Manage Events on Google+ .

3. Creating a twitter handle and hashtag

Sign up with Twitter using the name of your Event and start tweeting about your event with #”yourevent” (This is the name of your event). You can also include #”city” (Your City) in your tweets to improve your reach within your city.

4. Collecting e-mails

Before you launch the tickets to your Event, you should have a list of people apart from your own contacts who are interested to buy your tickets. To do this, you can either create a Google form  or create your own event website where you include a Contact Form to collect Emails. Share your form/website link in all your social media posts to collect more emails. You can send them a personalized email announcing your ticket launch and other information.

5. Announce your Speakers/Artists/Performers

Nearly 30% of your attendees will buy tickets to your events because of the speakers/artists that you are bringing to them. Make sure you have announced your speakers and artists to your audience on all the internet channels.

6. Tag your Speakers

Always keep engaging with your event’s speakers and artists on social media. On twitter, tag them in your tweets so that their followers can know where to reach them. A humble request to influencers for retweeting or engaging with you is always a plus point. Make sure you are using your hashtags when you are tagging your speakers and artists.

7. Community Engagement

For every event, there is a community of people who you can reach out to. This is will improve your event reach and get you some more attendees. For example, if you are organizing a Marathon in Mumbai, search for groups on Facebook that are closely related to running, health and fitness and events in Mumbai. You will get a plenty of groups in the result. Join the groups and inform the admin of the group about your event to get the permission to post your event in the group. The key is to never spam here. Know that your event is helpful to your audience and you have to convey that in your message.

You can use the similar method for Linkedin as well. There are many communities where people are looking for an event like yours.

8. Run Offers on Facebook

If you can keep aside some budget for promotions, do run an offer on Facebook to reach out to your target audience and increase attendance to your event. You can offer a discount to your event tickets promote it by selecting the right audience who are interested to attend an event like yours.

Learn about creating Facebook Offers for your event.

9. Google ads

Creating a google search ad for your event is a smart game. You can attract a lot more traffic with google ads by targeting the correct keywords. For example, if you are hosting a Marathon in Mumbai, create an ad on google for keywords like marathon, run marathon, marathon in mumbai, mumbai marathons, running in marathon, etc and select your target location as Mumbai only. This ad will show up to all those who are searching for a marathon in mumbai and you can gain a attendee if they click on your ad. This however requires you to spend some amount but you can always select your budget. As said before, you have to play smart with ads. Set your budget according to your Return on Investment (ROI).


Following these 9 steps, you can successfully promote your events to the right audience. Don’t lose hope if something does not work out, keep working hard at it. Always try to be creative with your promotions to catch attention and keep learning of more ways to market your event.

Hope the article was helpful to you, please comment and let us know about your views, doubts or your own list of things for promoting your event.


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