Proofhub – An Online Project Management Platform

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Event Management has never been easy, it is laborious and ingenious work. If the coordination between event organizers is marvelous with convenient event planning and management then any event can be a successful story.

We were researching about cloud based platforms to make your way of organizing an event more accessible and manageable, we came up with Proofhub. ProofHub is a web-based project i.e. event management software to plan, organize and deliver projects of all sizes faster.

Features of Proofhub-

1) Discussion- You can discuss anything related to your events with your event organising team members, you just have to invite them by email. You can share ideas, file, document at a common platform and everybody will see them.

2) Todo List- You can make a todo list and assign the task to the concerned person. There is an option to show  the percentage of task completion so that everybody aware of the progress of work. You can also make a private todo list and assign it to selected group of your event.

3) Events & Milestone- You can Add tasks, events and milestones into your ProofHub calendar to make sure that important activities never get missed. You can sync your proofhub calendar with any outside calender.

4) Files- When files are scattered across the shared drives or when they are lost in the inbox, productivity suffers. You need one central place to find, store and manage your files. ProofHub’s file sharing makes it remarkably easy to upload, share or view files of all sizes at one central location.

5) Proofing- With many people involved on the same event, many versions of event designs are always in circulation. ProofHub’s proofing tool is the best way to approve, track and manage the approval process as it is designed to help teams channelizes suggestions and feedback for design improvement,

6) Chat – You can chat with anyone associated with your event just like you do on facebook or google.

7) Personalize- You can make the platform more personalized by changing the theme that suits you the best. You can also add logo and custom domain of your group.

This all were the major highlights of the platform. There are many more features like making notes, time tracking, change language or a safe place to store more important document of your event.

There may be many other software which are furnishing  the same features but the USP is all of them being at same platform.

We at townscript recommends you to use Proofhub for the mainframe before your next event.

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