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Earlier we had taken interview with Satish Talim who’s a successful conference organiser. Today we have Ravi Handa of Handa ka Funda with us. He is surely one of the most popular online cat tutors in India who’s known for his superb knowledge related to CAT. He is also known for his witty Facebook Statuses and comprehensive answers on Quora.

Ravi Handa has been using Townscript – A registration software for his courses’ registration management and payment collection. Today we are going to ask him few important questions regarding online courses and his experience using Townscript.

Ravi Handa of Handa ka Funda

Ravi Handa of Handa ka Funda

Please tell us more about your online classes.

We have online courses for various competitive exams for MBA (CAT, XAT, IIFT, etc.) and Banking (IBPS PO, SBI PO). We follow primarily a flipped classroom model where the bulk of the learning happens via pre-recorded videos whereas weekly live classes are held online for doubt clarification for each and every student.

What do you think has been the biggest reason of Handa Ka Funda’s popularity among CAT aspirants?

Because the name is funny. 🙂
Jokes apart, I think mature students like MBA aspirants really like the flipped classroom model. The freedom to study what they want and more importantly when they want is the key. Most of the MBA aspirants are either working somewhere or in top level colleges which leaves them little time to join traditional coaching institutes.

Where do you see your Handakafunda initiative after 3 years?

It is incredibly hard for me to be that forward thinking. I am not really a “leader” with a “vision”. I am simply a teacher trying to make a living by teaching using the available technological tools.

How has been your experience using Townscript?

Brilliant. The fact that there is little gap between the student paying the money and it hitting my bank account helps me manage cash flows in a better way.

What are two things which you like about Townscript?

Support – unlike other payment / event ticketing solutions a knowledgeable person is always available on the phone. Also, if they make a mistake they acknowledge it and fix it asap.
Design – The widget feature keeps the user on my website and helps me improve sales.

Where do you think Townscript can be better?

Marketing – Townscript should do more in the marketing area. They should not only market and promote themselves better but also help promote sellers who are present on the platform.

What is one tip which you would want to share with new event managers and online tutors?

Experiment – It is very important to experiment with various products and various versions of the same product. It will take time and you will never find the exact sweet spot but with a few experiments you will get close to it. Do not be fixated on your preconceived notions about pricing and models and try various things.

Thank You Ravi, it was really nice chatting with you today. Looking forward to learn more from you in future.

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