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Are you still collecting payments for your trainings and workshops through traditional old school methods? Collecting payments via NEFT or cash deposits is so last decade. If your business is still offline then it is missing out a huge sales opportunity. Business owners are now exploring the opportunities online and helping their business grow by the advantage of internet and secure payments.

Most business owners believe that giving their business the online advantage will consume a lot of time, effort and money. This does not hold true anymore. You can now setup your events and workshops online in a matter of minutes. Events, workshops, seminars and tutorials everything can be sold online and you don’t need to get into the hassle of creating a website or establishing a payment gateway to take your business to the next level.

The popular CAT tutor Ravi Handa, who is well-known for his immense knowledge and expertise in CAT tutorials has bought his business online. He uses Townscript as a registration software for his courses’ registration management and payment collection. His students register for his workshops online and make payments securely through Townscript.

If Ravi Handa can give his business the online advantage so can you. Taking in registrations online though Townscript will give your business the following advantages.

Benefits :

– You will easily be able to market your product online and reach out to a wider audience through targeted marketing.

– You will get access to the exact number of attendees, registered for your workshop/event. This will help you manage the event better. You will also have a backup data of all the attendees that could be useful while organizing your next event.

– Prior confirmations with the help of online registrations will help you organize the workshop/event keeping the audience in mind.

– You will be able to fetch payments through a secure and trusted gateway. No chances of any cheating there!!

– Verbal commitments might not be adhered to, but once the payments are made your money from the event is secure. Registrations will bring in cash flow and thus be helpful as working capital towards organizing the event better.

A tool like Townscript will make your job simpler and increase its efficacy.

Townscript - workshop & Trainings

Townscript – workshop & Trainings

Townscript will help you setup a registration page in just a few minutes at ease with a few clicks. No complex registration formats need to be followed.

You just need to login to Townscript and create a page, upload a relevant picture that describes your workshop/event, fill in all the details along with the pricing and create your page. In the unlikely case of any complication, there is a team in place to help you through the process without any glitches.

With Townscript you don’t actually need a website, type in all the details about your workshop and start marketing it. Collect your payments securely with Townscript.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to capitalize on the market out there and make your business bigger and better. Give your workshop/event the online advantage with Townscript.


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