SlideDog- A Multimedia Presentation Software

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No matter how good you and your presentations are, it will only have value when you present it in an appealing way to your audience. Many a times we make our presentation slides in PowerPoint, Prezi etc., and during the presentation if we want to show some video, statistic or PDF we have to minimize one software and maximize to another one.

What problem SlideDog addresses?

1)   Changing the presentation software during the presentation is always time consuming and troublesome.

2)   Audience come to know about the stuffs in your pc like Desktop wallpaper, Desktop folders. Many of us are not comfortable with sharing stuff like that.

Some event enthusiastic people understood the problem and made a platform called SlideDog.

How does it work?

Slidedog is basically an online presentation tool in which you can combine almost any media to one seamless file.

  • You can merge PowerPoint presentation, Prezi, PDF’s and many more elements into one easy to create play list.

  • You don’t have to switch softwares during the presentation.

  • No conversion of files in another format & no downgrade of file quality. All your elements show in their original formats, and display just like you’d expect them to. Once the playlist is loaded, your content plays back as though it’s just a one seamless file.

  • You can regulate the presentation from your smartphone, tablet or secondary computer as it is a cloud based platform.

  • With Slide Dog’s Live online Sharing of presentation content, your audience can follow your slides on their own devices through a SlideDog’s generated link. One click and they can see current and previously seen slides. They can even ask questions, answer polls, and give feedback.

  • You can take real time feedback or conduct polls during the presentation. Moreover to engage the audience, you can add a live chat or discussion.


You can download the basic version of this multimedia software free from SlideDog’s website and for upgraded version with more features you have to pay a minimal amount.

We at Townscript recommend you to use this presentation tool for your next event.

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