Snapcastr amplifies your event audience engagement

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All event organizers wish to engage their audience during the event and want to make their event an immense success. As we have already discussed with you about Eventifier- A Tool to keep track of what’s being said about your event. While researching in the similar space we came up with the ‘Snapcastr’.

It’s an event tool that tracks all of your event related posts on twitter and Instagram by a particular hashtag(also known as event hashtag). You can collectively see them on a big screen during the event or at a personal computer after the event.

Imagine How great all this experience would be ?

  • When one of your attendee takes a selfie outside your event venue and tweets it on twitter with a hashtag. Now when he walks in and he sees his picture on the big screen near the main stage.

  • When your attendee wants to say something about the event, he tweets and on very next moment it displays on the big screen during the event.

  • When your attendee sees photograph of a friend on the screen and comes to know that he is also attending the event.

  • When you conduct a poll during an event and  you can see real time simulation in different options on a very big screen

  • When you tell your sponsors that you will show the logo of their company on the most alluring spot during the event.

  • When after the event you go home with your family and see the photographs of the event, comments all at one place.

Unique Features of ‘Snapcastr’

  • Moderation– Moderate the quality of the content that would be displayed on the screen.

  • Analytics–  Know your audience!  the event dashboard in their app allows you to track different types of metrics in real time.

  • Interactivity– Utilize an sms platform to conduct polls and be in touch with audience throughout the event.

  • Revenue Generation– Maximize your revenue opportunities by incorporating ways to highlight your sponsors, as well as providing unique and interactive advertising.

All the above points are related to engaging your attendee during the event and it’s the best way to improve event experience.

We at townscript recommend you to use this type event management and engagement software Snapcastr at your next event.

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